The Coalition is Working on "Several Unannounced Projects" – Xbox Marketing GM

Xbox games marketing GM Aaron Greenberg calls the studio “masters in Unreal Engine” while fielding questions at a recent fan event in Bogota. Published by Ravi Sinha in News On February 23, 2022

Gears of War developer The Coalition recently collaborated with Epic Games on The Matrix Awakens, which caused a stir for its photo-realism and detail. However, the studio’s future projects have been largely shrouded in mystery. It released Gears 5 in September 2019 and all we’ve heard are rumors that it’s working on Gears 6 and a new IP (which is reportedly a smaller, experimental title).

While no new details have been announced, Xbox games marketing GM Aaron Greenberg recently confirmed that the studio is working on “several unannounced projects.” Fielding questions from fans at an event in Bogota (via Xbox Studio on Twitter, translation via DeepL), he said that The Coalition “are masters in Unreal Engine, they helped Epic Games to make their demo of ‘The Matrix‘. The team is currently working on several unannounced projects.”

Of course, what those projects are, when they’ll be released, so on and so forth, has yet to be revealed . However, this is the first official confirmation of multiple projects in the works. At any rate, The Coalition isn’t working on any title in the Star Wars franchise so that narrows things down slightly.

Whatever the studio may be working on, we can likely expect more details on the same – along with other projects like Avowed and Perfect Dark – in the coming months. Stay tuned for any updates until then.


TL,DR TC is actually working on something.


Ha ha my thoughts exactly.

A gaming studio, especially of this size, is always working on multiple “projects” (games, DLC, prototypes…), this news is like “we confirm the sky is blue”.


No. The sky is Bacon and Grub!

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I don’t even think games will continue to be launched the same way with game pass. I’m expecting them to be more episodic. Play through a few acts of the new gears games for example and wait a few months for more.

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I saw that article as was confused as to why it was news, TC had already mentioned that they were working on multiple projects.

From May 10 last year “we’re excited to continue that tradition by developing on UE5 for multiple new projects in the coming years.”

Source: Gears 5 | The Coalition Moving to Next-Gen Development, Unreal Engine 5


A video game development company is making video games?! In other news, there’s a country called the United States. Trees have leaves. Cats have claws. The sky looks blue. The sun? It’s…hot. Liquid water covers a lot of the planet called Earth.

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stalker 2 will be discontinued until the war is won

She said it was an “Unreal” day, with a capital U. New Unreal Tournament incoming? Or just a play on the new Unreal engine? Whatever it is, I hope they actually give us more info than just “working on unannounced projects.”


It’s pretty bad PR for them, at least like a teaser or something would be nice. Because from my perspective, it looks like they packed their bags and left.

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Likely this, but showing off what they have been able to do with it. May not be an actual game but tools they can use to make a game.

Or perhaps we will be lucky and see footage of it being implemented in a Gears game :slight_smile:


The game franchise made and owned by Epic Games?

For some reason I was thinking they sold the rights, but apparently I was wrong. Matter of fact, with a quick Google search, I found out they still own it and a bulk of the developers actually transitioned to work on Fortnite. Guess I should have looked it up before I posted lol.

Epic is said to sell Unreal and UT to MS and hand it over to TC. Already thought