The Coalition I NEED HELP! (Buggy stats that prevents me from unlocking 10 secret Story Achievements)

This is not the first time I’m posting about this issue but I still haven’t found any solution yet (since the release of Gears 4).

I have a heavy achievement bug for the secret 5G story achievements. I have spend a lot of time in the story mode, completed the story on ironman Inconceivable both on pc and xbox one in coop and solo (coop: pc+xbox and xbox+xbox) and because of more bugs I had to find 65 collectibles for that one achievement. At chapter 133 the system stopped counting the completed chapters altogether.

I got like all the story achievements BUT 10 of the secret achievements for the story mode won’t unlock for me:
And You Said We Couldn’t Fly
As If Snatchers Weren’t Bad Enough
Betty’s My Kind of Girl
Broadcast This!
Looks Like an Elevator to Hell
One Hell of an Exhibit
Raiding is what Outsiders Do
Still Not Ironic
Warriors, Kings….Wizards.
Welcome Home

These 10 Achievements are 100% NOT unlockable for me no matter what I am trying to do. I need someone to fix that bug.

I tried:
hard reset
switching between pc and xbox
tried to play online coop and split screen coop
Ironman on Inconceivable and Hardcore
playing online and offline
reinstalling gears 4 both on xbox one and PC
updating and deleting/reseting save data
Contacting The Coalition via Twitter (after 1 message they stopped responding)
As the Gilded RAAM event was active I finished the story 2 times in a row on hardcore coop (It didn’t count a single chapter but I got RAAM)
Fresh installing my pc
buying a completely new pc
Hosting coop games on pc and xbox
Being the coop partner on xbox and pc
Killing myself
Playing with many different coop partners

… There is literally nothing I can do anymore. Please Coalition… PLEASE HELP ME!

Super Necro but did they ever fix this issue?