The Coalition helps at State of Decay 3, what shoud that?

The UE 5 experts help with other Devs. at State of Decay 3.

As with 343i failures with Infinite.

And the Gears fans are starving ;(((

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It will be 3 years since gears 5 came out in about a week or so, I dont think its been that long.

And honestly, its been nice not having my hopes up on a mediocre gears game. So the longer they wait on giving me something, the better off I am.


General forums consensus…we will wait for a better game.

Gears 6 releases…we waited five years for this?


I have absolutely no excitement or positive anticipation, of any calibre, for Gears of War 6. Gears 5 dragged what little hope I had left right down into the dirt and stomped on it.
While there are aspects of Gears 5 I actually enjoy, the damage they’ve done to Versus and the overall experience with these developers has complete diminished all hope for a good sequel.

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To be fair, every 3 years is the typical release schedule for Gears of War. But obviously we had Covid, new console releases, New Unreal Engine and large turnover and departures at TC.


Thats why I said it hasnt been that long. For gears 3 years is the norm.

Hopefully it’s much, much longer this time round.

Gears 5 was an embarrassing mess at launch and really wasn’t ready.

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I think the “Release now, patch later” business model is finally coming around to bite the industry in the ***


Whether accurate or not(TC sure would never come out with such an admission), my belief is that part of the problem was someone up at the higher end deciding to shoehorn a certain disgustingly horrid system into PvE at the last minute.

I cannot imagine any other reason(other than lack of direction/poor planning) why the abominable “hero”(I still hate that word to refer to class locked characters) system had such a minimal amount of available classes and absolutely terrific balance at launch, and took close to, or a year to make a character that was in the game at launch playable at all(Paduk).


Without unnecessary Escape PVE and the map builder, we would have had the game in good condition at release, like it was Operation 4.
The core of the game is the versus, now TC knows that too

I would guess that most of the regulars here are primarily into PvE. Your comments will not be well received.

That said, it would be interesting to see how the two communities compare in size. There is no doubt some overlap between the two, but I’d guess most people gravitate toward one over the other.


Escape is awesome. What are you on about? I prefer Escape over horde. I prefer it because I like the more fast pace nature of it as well as the reduced time commitment per match. When I get home from work, I don’t always have 2 hours to dedicate to one match of horde (Yes I know horde frenzy exists). So when I play Gears 5 it’s either PvP or escape for me.

I’d agree most regular forum users are probably PVE.

PVP tends to die off quicker in Gears games in my opinion. Anecdotally, I still see many postings for PVE compared to PVP lobbies. Albeit PVP is more of a solo draw.

I’d be curious to see comparisons from TC as well.

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Probably wouldn’t be the case if they didn’t make such a mess of it though. All the constant changes and patches until we’ve ended up with the abomination we have now for Gears 5.

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Absolutely agree.

Gears 3 can still find matches.

A better product definitely promotes longevity. I do think there are lots of younger people that chase the latest hot multiplayer. Those tend to fall away within 6 months to a year of any game.

Edit: PVE is a grind to level up and play effectively. That also requires dedicated people. PVP is a hop in and go for anyone.

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During Gears 2,3 and J I was absolutely a pve player, with the caveat I spent a lot of time (still do) on Gears 3 pvp. With 4 and 5 pvp totally took over and I don’t think I have played Escape or Horde for several seasons.


no it isnt

Don’t think that in the second lifetime of Gears 5 there will be a lot of escape or single player games. In Versus, on the other hand, you immediately find a game as fast as it was in 2019

The absolute pinnacle of Gears of War PvP.

Definitely. And yes those newer players only usually last a couple of months at best with Gears until the next generic CoD. Good riddance, if you ask me.

It certainly was in Gears 5 but it was actually enjoyable in the end, especially when they absolutely obliterated my joy in PvP with Operation 5 - Drop 2’s movement.


Hi mate. Gears 3 is THE PINNACLE…period.

Locust Forever.:wink: