The chatbox censorship

Can someone explain why I’m not allowed to put “wtf” or “bullet sponge” in the chatbox in a game where people chainsaw each other, blood is splattered everywhere, and emotes give you the option to call someone a “■■■■■■■” or flip someone off?

Makes no sense.


Yeah its called political correctness gone mad.

Pure lack of common sense.


You can toggle the censoring in the options. That only applies to you, though. Not everyone will have that set.


Ez is also censored, lol.

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Thats embarrassing

You have to turn off filter in settings.


It’s a filter in your own settings.

I assure you, much worse has been said in chat than “wtf”.


That made me laugh :joy:

I can also confirm what @GB6_Kazuya is saying.

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Turn off profanity filter

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bullet sponge would be offensive to spongebob so they cant allow it


You should see the chat box in Spanish
It’s an dictionary of insults and none of them are censored


This shouldn’t be toggled by default though, so my point still stands. Who cares if I can see my own messages, but most other people can’t because they too have never bothered to mess with their settings?

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I never understood this either. I mean you can not really censor the voicelines of the characters either and even if you could, it would just be an entire “beep”-fest.

Marcus: “Beep, beep, beep, beep, Fahz”

I mean like…

It wasn’t on by default for me, ever. So I still stand on a stilt upon your point.

I believe it was, I likely got you to turn it off immediately.


this is gears, only spanish people play it

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I’m British and I play gears now and then.

So I can confirm your statement is incorrect factually.

It’s kind of lame. I guess they want to make it a safe space for gamers , free from any conflict or negative feelings.

I think back about the sh*t talking that would go on when I played Halo 4. The pre and post match lobbies could get pretty intense. When they released Master Chief Collection , if I recall correctly they the scrapped the pre and post match lobbies to cut down on the “chatter”. When I see a censored chatbox I’m like “meh”.

I agree , it makes no sense. When you get chunked they have a blood pray that gives you the finger. smh

Maybe it knew me and automatically turned it off.

Either way…I’m still on stilts giving you the :fu: from above.

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Actually your statement is incorrect factually most likely because you are from EU you play when a lot of the south american players are sleeping. If you were in NA servers region you would understand.