The Character Problem in Horde

So I love the new horde mode don’t get me wrong, but the main problem is being locked from what characters you choose. I know most people know already that you can’t choose the same character as another person, but why did they have to do it like that? Escape I can understand since you don’t have a 5 person squad, but horde shouldn’t be this way. First off I have bunch of characters I use don’t get me wrong, it’s just frustrating that I have character I’m set on using and then some guy joins and he’s going to use the same character as me and then I’m booted from the one I wanted to play as and then picked a character I never use (like Jack, Del, or Kat). I’m mainly a Scout, Solder, or a Recon, I suck as a Engineer and Support. I don’t do well with keeping track of building and repairing, I’m all about killing ■■■■ and getting money. That’s not the only problem though it’s also the people quitting because they don’t get their characters and to be honest, I don’t blame them. I like the specials , new enemies and maps it’s just the character locking that kills this mode for me. It’s not like it’s a problem to let people be the same characters either it’s not like we’re gonna destroy all waves or something. If you guys really dislike the Character locking let The Coalition know! Don’t send them hate mail or death threats, just real good feedback, That’s what they are mainly looking for right now. I would love to have a update that fixes this then I can enjoy my favorite mode in Gears again.

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Correct me if I’m in wrong, but it only knocks you out of your character if the host is that character or another person is a higher level than you.

That’s probably put in place to solve the issue of who has the best cards and highest level (Gears 4). Ever been in a public lobby with three engineers? Two switch and the one that didn’t didn’t even have the repair efficiency card…

It’s put me playing as Jack, Del, and Kat multiple times and they are all Level 1 for me, Even when I have JD, Kait, Emile, Fahz, and Marcus near level 8 or 9. Also with the engineer thing, No, because I mainly play with randoms and no one mostly plays as engineer let alone use them properly.

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In a recent public lobby it appeared to prioritize top down based on the listing of players in the lobby. I was top of the lobby with a lvl 4 Jack, my splitscreen was next with lvl 1 Kait, it looked like someone below had tried to choose Kait but was auto-switched. Would probably need a full group of 5 in a chat party to talk real time about who is trying to choose duplicate characters and who is getting bumped to someone else.

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The match making should let you select a char and que you into games where that role hasn’t been taken. Or at least put in a small but accumulating punishment for people who quit wave 1 because they didn’t get the role they wanted.