The change of the movement

I was adaptating through all this operation since this game came out, and for the first time I had to say that this changes to the movement are really awful, I know that you’all working very hard, but I think that the movements mechanics shouldn’t needed any updates exceptating for the speed of the slide to cover, I’m not feeling very happy about this, all the other changes has been cool I mean it, but the last two updates to the movement have to be reversed, please, don’t make gow 5 to get slower than ever!!! Don’t take away from me the wall bounce, the very best reason why I love the game, i like everything but mostly the movement and gnasher fights dinámic.

I’m beg

I think I understand why you’all are nerfing and making changes to the secondary and heavy weapons, cause you’ll know that the gnasher is the center of all the action,

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