The Carmine family information

The Carmine family were a large family throughout both the pendulum wars and the locust war. At least one carmine lived in Halvo bay as we see a carmine life insurance business their in GoW Judgement. Their are seven known members of the Carmine family and that is what I will be going through today!

Private Anthony Carmine was the first carmine to appear in the series and sadly the first of many Carmines to die. Anthony met his untimely fate at the hands of a locust sniper (originally grenadier) Anthony was voted most likely to get shot by his academy, poor anthony. “I got a problem, something’s wrong with this thing it keeps jamming, see?” - Anthony’s last words.

Private Ben Carmine was the youngest brother and second carmine to appear in gears and was first seen is gears 2. Benjamin lasted longer than his older brother but he is a carmine afterall and met his acidic fate in the bowels of the riftworm. “Sarge?.. I hurt Sarge… Tell my brothers… My ma… Tell em i love em and… And…” - Benjamin’s last words.

Private Clayton Carmine was the eldest of the four brothers and was much different to. Unlike his brothers who had smaller statutes and slightly less intimidating personality Clayton had a huge stature and had a deep hatred with any and all locust. Clayton was given the name ‘Grub Killer’ by his fellow gears and he sports this name hoody across his armour. Clayton also has a tattoo of his fallen brothers on his right shoulder and he was the only known surviving brother of the locust war. Oh, and he loves bacon. “Eat dirt and die ■■■■■■■■■■■■!” - Clayton attacking the queen in Gears 3.

Fredo Carmine was a reporter for the newspaper gears and brains, although his exact relation to the brothers is unknown it is speculated he is a cousin of the brothers. Fredos only appearance was in judgement and we do not get to see him.

Gary Carmine was an outsider after the locust war, Gary is the youngest known carmine and also lasted the least amount of time. Gary was trained by oscar Diaz and met a heroic fate defending his village from a COG DeeBee attack and was crushed by a pod deployed by a condor. Gary’s exact relation to the carmines is unknown but he is most likely Claytons son as he has Clay tattooed on his right arm and grub killer on his jacket. "This is for every carmine everywhere! " -Gary at the start of a round on MP.

Will Carmine was a year the server during the pendulum wars and served under his father, who served under his grandfather. Will Carmine was not the father of the brothers as he had no children, Will is most likely the uncle of the brothers. Will died by the hands of General RAAM himself after being impailed through the head. Rip Will.

D. Carmine is the fourth brother of the Carmines and the second oldest under Clay. It is unknown if he survived the locust war but my guess would be he did, as surely clay would have a tattoo of his younger brother D. Carmine.

That’s all for now, we will have to wait and see what’s in store for the unlucky Carmines! Did you learn anything new? And apologies for my grammatical skills aren’t the best. See ya gears fans!


Also based off Ben’s quote in your post, D. Carmine would still have to be around at that point, because of “brothers”.

Good catch. But he probably died during gears 2.

the only good Carmine is a Dead Carmine :grinning::grinning:

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Gary doesn’t get crush by the pod. I would say he’s currently MIA

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No he’s definitely dead because of the Zombie Carmine pack now i know your gonna say, so there are Zombie characters that are still alive like Jd and Del but i hate to break it to you told%20u%20lol

They could always retcon this decision. TC has habit of doing this.

Idk i doubt it tho Carmines that die usually stay dead and TC made it clear he’s dead

Nah Gary’s dead. If you glitch your way up onto the walls you’ll see the pod hit him directly, which sends him flying. He then slides along the top of the wall for a ways and disappears after a few seconds.

D. Carmine, though. Now that’s an interesting subject. I felt that Clay didn’t get enough time or character development in Gears 3, which left him a stunted character. Benjamin was more fleshed out and there were stakes behind his death.

So Clay needed more. He needed to mention D. Carmine, maybe hint at why they’re separated. Was there a falling out between the brothers? If they split up and went to different hideouts (Clay to Sovereign, D. to… somewhere) there has to be a good reason. And Karen Traviss’ books never even introduced Clay until “Clayton Carmine keeps staring at the pigs and muttering ‘bacon.’”

If I could just reach somebody at The Coalition able to hear my Carmine comic pitch.

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Maybe High Cholesterol killed Clay from all the bacon. Damn…

I understand the many theories about Gary but to avoid confusion i went with the most plausible answer which is Gary died and we will most likely see his sibling/s in gears 5 and 6.

I’d like to see what Clay is up to if he didn’t die of old age or I dunno a random tree falling on him. He is a Carmine, after all. Death’s just knocking on his door constantly. Although I’d atleast wanna see what Clay looks like. Probably pissed that Gary’s already dead.

I just had a chuckle cause I imagine Clay going to Mrs. Carmine: “Ah, damnit, Gary’s dead. That’s the third kid gone this week! Welp, gotta make some more, I suppose.”


What if they killed Gary off just to bring back Clayton? (They better do that, it’s tradition to have a Carmine in the campaign)

I’d love to see Old Clayton, even if he’s just Old Cole with a helmet. But I also want to see the rest of his sons, you know?

No. he’s dead. Not officially. But kinda. We got Zombie A, B, and Gary for a reason. And no Clayton. Clayton’s not dead. if Gary wasn’t dead, he wouldn’t have a Zombie. Also explains the gash in the back of his head.

I was wondering if anyone knows where the 4th Carmine brother was referenced? Like from a quote, game, comic, interview?

Gears 2 tutorial. Bena talks about the 4th briefly.


Unlucky? Clayton lived plus we the fans can always unleash hell if they do not give in to our demands :smiling_imp:

Not really a good example to use the zombie skins as an example when there’s zombie skins of characters who are still alive like JD, Del and Kait.

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Yes but all the Carmines have wounds related to their deaths.