The Carmine Easter Egg?

I realized the Carmine brothers In Gears Of War could be based on the movie Saving Private Ryan. One of them dies with a headshot like the soldier on the beach who was a “Lucky son of a b!tch” when his helmet saved his life before he was shot again at the same spot without his helmet. The last moment with their squad leader’s . The second Carmine dies with a critical stomach injury as his last words were about a relative, like the medic who got a stomach full of led by a MG despite it wasn’t eaten by a creature. Most importantly Clayton being the only guy out of the four brothers who survived and pulled a last stand in the boss battle like Private Ryan did at the Normandy bridge. Something I noticed anyways lol.


A lot of thought put into this huh? Although it’s funny how it is similar somewhat

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Carmine (a shade of red) is based on the Redshirts from Star Trek.


Did you know… there’s two words in Carmine?
Car-mine. :face_with_monocle:

But this reference is interesting, did not know.

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