The Carmine Brothers Are Back!

The boys are back in town! Anthony, Benjamin and Gary Carmine are rocking into Gears 5 today from our weekly reset time of 10am PT. Check ‘em out in action in the trailer above.

Anthony, Benjamin and Gary are different from previous character releases in that they will initially only be playable in Versus multiplayer. For our PVE fans, we know you want to play with these characters too. We have a broader PVE plan coming that will allow you to take these – and all COG – characters into Horde or Escape.

As always, each Character can be earned through gameplay by crafting their Totem, equipping it, and earning 30,000 XP. You’ll also be able to purchase each Carmine for 500 Iron, as with all other Characters, or in one of two brand new bundles!

Carmine Bundle – $9.99 USD

Anthony Carmine Character
Benjamin Carmine Character
Gary Carmine Character
Carmine Must Die Bloodspray
Save Carmine Bloodspray
Carmine Family Banner
Carmine Must Die Banner
Save Carmine Banner

Deluxe Carmine Bundle – 1800 Iron

Academy Anthony Carmine Character Skin
Firestarter Benjamin Carmine Character Skin
Biker Gary Carmine Character Skin
+ All of the above Bundle content!

For those of you who want the Deluxe Carmine Bundle Character Skins without buying the bundle, you’ll also be able to purchase each skin through the Store individually in the next few weeks.
Changing Our Approach

This release marks the start of a change in our approach to Characters in Gears 5. We’ve heard loud and clear that you want to see more of your favorite Characters back sooner – which is why we have scrapped our mandate of Characters needing to release with PVE or new Arcade skillsets.

By removing this mandate, this means we’ll be able to release characters into the game more often and in higher volume just like you’ve asked us to do.

For our PVE fans, we know you want to access these characters too. As we mentioned above, we have a broader plan for PVE we’re working on that will let you take all COG characters into Horde or Escape.

This is just one part of how we’re pivoting Gears 5 in a variety of areas to address your feedback fully, just like our Ranking System rework. Over the coming Operations, you’ll see more initiatives like this come to life as a result of us fundamentally re-evaluating the foundations of Gears 5. Anything has been and is on the table.

Thanks for your continued support, and we hope you have a blast with the Carmines!




I’ll say this is great sign of things to come, but this registers nearly zero excitement in me.

Also, can’t wait for all the people complaining about the price.


My initial reaction was “great!” But on actually reading it, and also being mainly a PVE player, eh…

And the cost. Oh, the cost.That works out around £14.00.

I’ll just grind the totems. Easy enough.


Who’s Gary?

The $hit one. :smiley:


This is it?

This is the juicy announcement.

Ok. Thanks TC :woman_facepalming:


Come on now, I, and many others have warned the community not to get hopes up! :smiley:


I predicted this was likely gonna be disappointing. Wasn’t proven wrong.

At least they’re giving players the option to choose whether they prefer a Save Carmine or Carmine Must Die option in the form of… not very visible banners and a bloodspray that is only really seen in Versus.


Yeah, I’m disappointed about PVE. Is it that hard to plan for that? I hope in the next one they don’t lock classes to characters & maybe they shouldn’t lock ultimates to characters either, just to add more flexibility.

Well I say it’s a good sign that we’ll get lots of old favourites back for PvP without the need for cards, hero system and other PvE things to slow down their release. But it’s frustrating to know they are planning to find a way to take any character into Horde and Escape but aren’t ready to tell us what it is. Is the card system going to be scrapped? Will all cards be assignable to all characters? Or are they really going to build out a class system for every single character?

The 3 things I really want from this game

  • All characters to work in Horde
  • Horde Frenzy in custom lobbies / ability to set shorter wave amounts in custom
  • More maps

Very true.

I was just of the understanding that actual information about the future of PVE would be divulged this week. Not another announcement about a future announcement about something they are not quite ready to release.

Dang. Even I may move on to something with actual content before long.

I didn’t buy Doom Eternal on release, but it looks like it will become my summer now.

PS: TC please remove the advertisement for Thrashball Cole. April 28th is over.

Do y’all even play the game?


Yeah for sure. I just had hoped to have something new to grind. I’m virtually done with my characters. All of the GOW characters that are usable in Escape are totally maxed now (all level 5 cards). I’ve still got the Halo and Terminator characters to do; and some of the Horde ones like Kait, Del and Fahz to do. I was just really interested to see what they would do in terms of Hero skillsets.

This announcement, while a step in the right direction feels quite anticlimatic. I know it’s gonna sound like I’m being critical for the sake of it which isn’t entirely fair on TC as they’re clearly shifting, but it feels a bit like TC are basically releasing these characters in a half-finished state (no PVE skills yet) and saying “here you go, enjoy the rest when we get round to finishing it!”

Maybe I’m being a bit unfair. :smiley:

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I gotta say, the skins for Anthony and Ben look pretty decent. Ben’s looks kinda interesting… mostly because of certain attachments to his forearms. For some reason I could totally imagine Ben being like that. Gary’s? Meh. Not really special.

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I’m over the GOW community acting like the Carmines are a big deal and the devs continuing to waste resources on them. This was a funny meme in 2008. It’s 2020 now. Like Oh boy, we got three generic-looking COG gear reskins instead of Dom, Hoffman, Anya, Biker Marcus, etc.

I’ll give TC credit for finally decoupling PvE from PvP characters. Hopefully this speeds along the process of adding new characters.


No you make sense, not hyper critical to me. And yeah, it does feel half ■■■■■. It sounds like they didn’t make good plans for the game. So no matter what they do, it’s gonna be ____.

Everyone was talking about the booshka coming back.

Hehe, TC have a surprise for you folk :joy:

I think TC just needs to learn a lesson in Hype.

If they didn’t include the “bang” comment in last weeks whats up and just announced this yesterday during the “this week in Gears” announcement, I am pretty sure this news would be very well received. However, when they are so cryptic and have an announcement announcing an announcement, the human brain tends to fantasize and get a little too creative.

I, for just a single silly minute, thought maybe that Booshka we saw in the OP 3 trailer was coming, maybe a new mode, maybe even a mid-op map remake. However, skins and just skins? It’s not hitting it for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I fully and entirely understand why they are bringing essentially just PVP skins into the game. I understand why everything I mentioned above did not happen… it’s just the hype that was generated led me to be really let down.


I wonder how much the individual skins will be? I have exactly 1800 iron

Which is weird that Gary’s is lackluster cause TC could literally do anything with him and it’d be ok

I figure that the costs are based on the “rarity” of the card.

If my memory serves me correct:

Common / green character cards cost 250 iron.

Rare / blue character cards cost 500 iron.

Epic / purple character cards cost 750 iron.

Legendary / gold character cards cost 1000 iron.

I’m fairly sure this is correct. Obviously if not, feel free to correct me.

From previewing the variant skins (Biker Gary etc) they’re all Rare / blue skins so, should be 500 iron each I guess?