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The campaign is a glitch and bug filled mess

So i’ve just got to the end of act 3 (or at least trying to) and the game has crashed for the NINTH time (7 of which were in act 3) i get a saving checkpoint in the bottom left that never goes away and the game then boots me to the xbox home menu. Even collectables don’t register that i’ve picked them up, it said i had 2/17 even though i know i picked up at least 11 and they still flash as if i havn’t picked them up. The A.I characters don’t move when entering certain places and enemys don’t spawn even though the A.I teammates are saying to shoot them, i even had a certain enemy (no spoilers here) at the end of act 2 turn completed invisible after i died to it the first time and had to quit and reload the entire damn chapter to fix the issue. Never in 13 years of playing Gears have i played a campaign so littered with bugs and crashes. WTF TC :rage: Going to try and play the campaign again now, hopefully without it crashing this time


Anyone else have the bug where an enemy gets on top of you and then when your friend gets them off you and you get up… Your camera is totally bugged?

Like it centers on the characters head instead of their waist?

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Yes this has happened 3 times now

It happens every single time for me. I actually just run away now if I even think that an enemy is going to pin me to the floor.

If they get me, I have to kill myself to fix the camera. It’s an extremely frustrating bug and I can’t fathom how this slipped past QA


I’ve had to quit and reload chapters probably 20+ times now to fix enemys not spawning, glitched A.I teammates and stuck saving checkpoints. Honestly super frustrating, not experienced this in any other Gears campaign. Ever.


I’m only 13% of the way through. Guess I have that to look forward to then :man_facepalming:

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Yeah i’m about 70% through i think, most of this nonsense happens in ACT 3. GL

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Agreed, campaign is a mess with constant loading issues, checkpoints crashing, in game freezes
the fear is with all these bugs the whole thing don’t reset on me and I have to start again


Having to load up a different game and then reload Gears 5 as when i try to load previous checkpoint it never loads! Having the collectible issue also. This sucks


I want a refund this game is so buggy never saves campaign checkpoints never saves any of the collectables I find and keeps kicking me out of multiplayer mode and campaign mode too this is trash
You guys need to fix your game and fix all the problems fast because from the looks of it people are gonna start wanting there money back


I’m stuck in Act II where enemys won’t spawn and those wooden like “ladders” aren’t climbable. VERY FRUSTRATING.


Almost every checkpoint in act 3 is glitched, i had to restart my xbox 5 times today to play…

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So my experience with Gears 5 thus far is a campaign that continuously crashes. Crashed 11 times from start to finish. Escape mode that kicked me from 1 minute in and a single horde match that kicked me at wave 34 and didn’t record any of my progress and just said “search RIAD” good job TC

Absolute joke
Kicked from horde
Campaign glitching
Very very disappointed


I had a bug where Del was stuck waist-deep in the ground and couldn’t move. Other than that it’s been mostly fine for me on my One X - currently in Act 2 still.


Add to that achievements not unlocking

Turbo fail

Wait till ACT 3 you’re in for a treat


Every mode has its own issue.
multiplayer if someone leaves everyone gets kicked
server disconnected escape it duplicates characters and then kicks me out lobby(i choose differant charatcers but still duplicates)
i hope the devs are reading this cause i paid to much for a buggy game.

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We are on Act 2 and my brother audio in game is not working. He cant hear a thing.


I can’t understand why i keep getting disconnected messages when i’m playing SOLO campaign