The broken ranking system turning into unranked?

Hello once again fellow GOW players! Thankyou for taking the time to read this. I have already voiced about the bad mech on the gameplay. So let’s dive right into the most frustrating , confusing, head scratching, can’t understand ranking system.
So at first I could not understand the tier system at first glance. And wondered why they just did not stick with the pure numbers. So I looked at the ranking explanation video everyone has seen. OK. So I did well playing with randoms most of the time I managed a respectable Gold 3. Now my total points where cut down by 2000 pts or so and in about 3 games went to a Silver 2 in the 80 /70%. Umm OK?? My hard work gone in an instant.
So I keep playing. And notice you don’t really get much game points anyone. And it really shows because they didn’t give much to begin with. Now it’s far less. So back in the grind. I’m playing against a full squad of 5 they seemed like they have been playing together since the 5th grade just getting a crazy beat down my team of randoms are incredibly awful. I’m super sweaty and mentally tired from trying to make something happen. In the end I finished top of my team 9kills 8 deaths k/d 1.00. Not bad considering the stacked squad working together and it’s very obvious.
My team had horribly negative k/d’s. No big deal I had a decent game let’s see my end of the game results! Not only did I not get 1 single point. I got negative 200pts!! So for being a team player for not quitting when the game is going horribly bad, Being the top player on my squad going positive k/d. I get kicked in the teeth. Negative points and demoted rank. So I look into it. No matter what you lose a round you get negative points. You lose the match you don’t get any points and get negative points. WOW. What a 360 change!!! Something is fishy here??
So it’s obvious they nerf the ranking system and didn’t mentioned it to anyone. Sure… no one is going to notice?? LOL So now there are serious questions to ask. Win or lose you should get points for you’re play in RANKED. That’s the whole point of it! If you play and get no points that is called UNRANKED. Of course if you did bad not everyone gets a trophy but I’m sure you know what I’m talking about!

So I hate playing non ranked matches there is no point and playing ranked matches gives me negative points then why play?? So if I’m in a bad ranked match losing horribly why not just quit? If my team is horrible and I had a 19kills 1 death game why should I not get points for the work earned? or worse get negative points? None of this makes any sense. And I do group up but not all the time I shouldn’t have too. In the end you should get all points earned in Ranked matches if you had a very positive game no matter what!! And with these new changes to the ranking system and not to announce it is very underhanded and low. I’m a gears fan but this is pure B.S. unless the ranking system changes dramatically and credits the player for their true player skills there is no point.

I will play it until the new Modern Warfare 4 comes out very soon. And if the ranking system isn’t changed by then, I will dump this game like a bad habit. Like when Destiny 2 tried to charge 60$ for a map pack! What is your take on it? Do you agree???


Yes, please put some paragraphs into this thread. You’ve already learned the first lesson of putting punctuation in it, if you just space some of these lines apart, you’ll have many more actually trying to read it.

And no, this isn’t hating. It’s called giving helpful advice.

I’m by no means a writer. Just an average JOE. There is no need for fancy paragraphs. Just the truth. Sounds like you get paid to be rude. But hey! Thanks Bro!! LOL

Rank isn’t even that important get over yourself, and stick to cod like you said you would.

If you think it’s rude, go right ahead. I only mean good here. All it takes is to push a button on your phone or the Enter key on your keyboard to make your thread more readable. I’m not a writer either. Just someone who puts value into making things readable as this was taught to me. It’s not for things to look fancy, but for people to understand your point better. Truth or not, not many will try to decipher a large, messy wall of text.

Besides, if anyone is rude here, it is you with your hostile response to some friendly advice. Goodbye.

Rank isn’t that important??? Are you sure you play Gears bro???


Tell me who cares about your rank?

So a Gears game with no ranked play or prestige because who cares? Love your logic Bro.

You must not have heard of personal skill or dexterity that you gain from practise. You don’t need a rank to improve. Now tell me, who cares about your rank? Don’t dodge the question this time.

If you want people to read what you write, it’s best to break it up into paragraphs.

Do you guys get paid to troll??? Or is that your thing?

Honestly though, rank was broken in 4. And in Gears before that as well. So logic seems to point to rank not really mattering to most that play. Because sure, my son was a Diamond 4 in Gears 4 and I was only Onyx 2. But I regularly outplayed him. I was MVP more than he was. Ahead of him in the scoreboard very often.

I even carried a team of myself, Onyx 1, and 2 gold and 2 silver to a win over 2 diamond, 2 onyx, and a gold. I was 31-1 in that match. And ranked down to Gold 3 in Gears 4. Oddly in 5 I was ranked higher with 3-2 in a mode than a friend who went 5-0 somehow. And I did not play as well as they did.

If rank matters Gears probably is not your game.

I wish.



It’s just been an unspoken rule since the inception of the first public forum created on the internet. It not only shows that you have put some thought into your post, but also that you are courteous enough to those that read it.

Inb4 d0 y4llz gits p41d to trullz?

I do

Theres ppl here who scroll these forums defending this game more than they actually play it. It’s pretty sad.

Ha. Yea. I agree!!

“no need for fancy paragraphs” made my day! :grinning:

I had no idea paragraphs were so hoity toity.

This forum is filled with trolls. It’s like a Lord of the Rings movie or something. They talk trash about you, and your discussion topic if it’s anything remotely negative about this amazingly unfinished flawed game.