The bots have SO much potential

These bots are great fun for when I don’t want to deal with other people. But there could be a few improvements that would make this game perfect:

Allow bots to play as any character that the host owns

Add bots to escape

Allow bots to change weapons and buy them in arcade mode

If anybody in the dev team sees this, please try to make this happen as a lot of other people also want to see this happen.


Yeaaah good luck with that.
They could make bots that run and act like normal people , they just seem uncapable of realizing that.
The terrible IA of this game is something the player notices right away.
Your allies are dumb ■■■ brainless aimbot meat that does little but to block your shots , roam around and get downed … the enemies just 180 you out of nowhere and basically they just Lancer spam everything.

EDIT : It seems like TC keeps some kind of IAs separated , because in Escape , I remember some enemies acting pretty sensefully.
MP is a whole different matter.

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since the game still gets updated, I’m remaining confident that maybe at the end of the games life span they will make an update for the game with this kind of thing to make worth getting when it’s dead

Yeah people thought hopefully like that for Gears 4. Then in the next entry the Ai were pretty much the same.

TBF I saw a Beginner bot switch to their Gnasher recently so that’s something.

They change weapons, they just don’t use skills to get more