The boomshot being the boomshot

The boom…deadly when it works. Frustrating when it doesn’t.

All too often I see this. The explosion and then the other player doing that little explodey run thing and not get killed.

Now I did fire behind him but not by that much. For context I’ve watched hive chase shoot an active off the roof on foundation and kill a guy. Which has more distance than what I did here.

I’m not sure if it’s just one of those things that happen from time to time or the gun is broken in some form?
All I know at that moment I just laugh it off at the absurdity.

I also included some lancee play for snubs… :slight_smile:

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Reminds me of an action movie where the protagonist survives every single explosion with no bruises lmao

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pain. nothing but pain.

I felt like a storm trooper

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For a non active shot… That is way off.

It’s not as far as you think.

Again it’s a non active.

So you were not cheated out of a kill.

It’s a boom shot…not the sniper.


Yeah it’s pixels outside the gib range, closer to the ground instead of past him would have yielded the kill.

I understand the gripe with the boom. It’s a rocket launcher. If anything needs to be more op, maybe it does.

But, I’m sick of the boom. After all the upending the developers have done with gears in the last 15 years, the one constant is having the op rocket launcher on most maps. I never knew it was that important and amazing? To be constantly in every gears game, on most maps?

Replace it with the booshka. It’s a no brainer. The booshka is a gun players can get behind. Bounce and trick shots are more exciting than camping with the boom all game!

They definitely screwed something up with the boomshot. It’s pretty much only effective not with active reload.

Any shot with the boom near a target should be an immediate death with or without active reload. That should only impact radius.

Replace Boomshot with that Snowshot from that Chrismas Versus event!