The Black Phantom Skins

Its kinda funny, the best skins in this game are carryovers from Gears 4. They are all I have really used in 5’s entire lifespan other than the Diamond ones, and I quit using them when practically everyone has them now.
Normally I don’t care for exclusive content and I am not one for cosmetics, but overall these skins are great. Would be nice if TC released similar sets (not the same of course). The hologram ones are a step in the right direction.

I dunno. Pinata, Stained Glass are dope.

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TC appreciate your compliance…TC :wink::ok_hand:

I use them 99% of the time as well, stealthy wins the race/Gnasher-off!

And most of the Esports skins. Celestial, Motherboard, Glitched, Wyvern, Desperado, Team Phantom, Black Steel…

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One of the great things is when you drop a pickup BP skin, many times the enemy don’t spot it. :joy::joy:

Picking BP/Diamond skins over Chrome steel…

You sir… are dead to me.

I only have the Talon and I really don’t like the see through look.

I use the invisible ones Clown. Literally invisible, You can’t see them.


It’s the only set I use. I love black phantom
I’ve tried them invisible ones, a few times I mainly get them on blood drive though

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Invisible Breaker Mace is the best <3