The Big Tuning Thread

This latest update is showing that TC is trying to devolve the series and trying to be Gears 1 again by slowing everything down and making Versus 4v4 instead of 5v5.

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It’s not that it’s unplayable or anything but it’s just not fun at all… it’s so boring when the game is as slow as it is now


They can be used spot trends even if you’re only looking at something like Steam population.

Its going to be an indicator of what’s happening on a broader scale


Stop paying attention to the pro players and the community, the game was fine before yesterday’s update, now everyone is walking killing each other, this is not gears of war, it’s seriously sad. Many say that it is fine, but the fact is that no, they leave more of the games, the character feels extra heavy. Now another point is that people complained so much about the UP A, but it is that they do not give them a way to counteract it, each nerf to the lancer is bad since with that you avoid wallbounce and make a balanced game in weapons and mobility.


This tuning is catered for people that are bad at the game .
It rewards people that sit and wait in cover
Your slowed down so your easy to get hit and the increase damage at range with the gnasher makes it even worse.
I can’t shoot over cover straight away . You removed this in gears 4 to make it instant because everyone wanted like that yet you’ve decided to delay it again wtf!
I’m actually bored running about on this game as it takes 10 years to get to one side of the map to the other .
Air back a nerfed , why ? It was a counter to people’s up as
And what I’ve seen all people do on this tuning is up a everything they see .
Also the health regen is a joke can’t heal quick enough for the game to flow .
There’s nothing tactical about this tuning it’s literally the person that’s aggressive onto someone’s cover loses every time . And the person who sits behind the cover the longest wins the battle.
Also don’t forget those stray pellets flying over cover can it you when your in cover that’s a joke
I feel like I’m handicapped I can’t move properly. I do actions on the controller and you get nothing .
Well played tc ,wait till everyone buys a £500 quid console just to play a gears game they could of played on the 360 10 years ago !!!


Well said tc is really making me want to grab a Ps5 over a series x


Yep playing it right now bot walking literally trumps all


Nah this game is so much better now not getting killed by nonsense. Me and my friends can finally look forward to playing gears again. These tears on this hive mind forum are hilarious


I think the next thing TC should do is make the evade go 40% slower so i can feel the weight of my character and add to the “tactical experience”


Dang, some hate and some love for this new tuning.

Can’t wait to try it now lol

Let me guess anyone who wallbounces is just spammer and it takes no skill and I love all these delays and slower movements and how unresponsive the game feels


They should also put in a meter for how long you can roadie run I feel like characters should get tired after 3 seconds make players think about where they want to run


Lol imagine being so bad at wall bouncing you think you can’t do it with this new tuning. You people exaggerate so much on here it’s hilarious. Every new game that releases everyone whines about the older game, updates make it more like old gears and you cry about that.

You can do everything you could before. Now you just have to aim and think about where you’re doing it. Like I’m sure you’ve told people “adapt”


Agreed 100% I should be able to feel the weight of each step. Also if I get hit with 3 lancer shots to the head my character should have to go to the hospital no way I should regenerate my health as fast as I do.


Now the PvP Try Hards can be dethroned.

In the original GoW, you could only RR for several seconds iirc.

It goes a fair distance but your character stops for like a second before you can run again.

At least, that’s what I noticed in the Gears UE Campaign, never touched the MP.

I think I saw them in stock online the other day. Good Luck!

Totally right dude, these tunings are a mess up by far dammit. I’ms speechless about what the hell coalition are doing


I’m pretty sure your character only got tired in campaign.