The Big Tuning Thread

Well it’s a new day and shot delays can still suck my ■■■■


:rofl: so true. Anyway, going catch and tbag some rookies now


Think the Lancer has had a nerf as well. I don’t really use it anymore to be honest because it doesn’t hardly inflict damage.

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Nerfed again but I think it’s now got slightly less recoil/bloom

After talking to some… erm… “competitive players” on Twitter, there seems to be some wild misconception that people are angry that they can’t bounce around the map anymore?

No? That’s not the case at all because you can still bounce very easily, the problem is that bouncing is now utterly pointless to do and you might as well walk everywhere like a bot from Casual Horde.

Skill gap - Decreased.


man, the misunderstandings just dont end for gears 5. remember the aim assist stuff?

the thing is that these pros are playing a game mode that is very different to what people play and how they play. the engagements are really different. regardless, it shouldn’t be tough to understand what the actual complaints are about the new tuning.

also, what do you think about the viable play styles argument? Have we accomplished this? Closer to this or not?


Pros and cons to this tuning

Pros …
Cons …
Can’t evade quick enough
Slow roadie run
No slip speed boost out of cover
Can’t shoot over cover quick
Can’t air back a
You’ve buff the hell out of the retro
You’re easy to hit ( feels like aim assist is even stronger aswell)rubbish players hit shots too easy
People just sit in cover for far too long
Health regen is stupid - 1.7sec was perfect before this 2.5 seconds
The gib range is massive .
The gnasher is more inconsistent ,people can gib real far away up but close you get 99% a lot
The spread of the gnasher hip firing and aiming in is causing major inconsistencies
Hip firing feels way off players are in front of you but you must somehow miss unlike the previous tuning
Flashbangs have too much of a blast radius
Power weapons are more overpowered due to slow running and evading .
Inconsistencies shooting at players in cover stray pellets downing players with 1 or 2 pellets due to the (can see them you can hit them motto you put in a post )
Up as are the most overpowered move in the game again . air back a’s was a move to counter up a’s
. I cant shoot over cover but I can hit a cover at speed and up a fast still ? It doesn’t make sense.
The delay when pressing buttons on controller is horrible .
You stick to walls more running pass them , roll move due to input lag on the controller
Pc players with keyboard and mouses aren’t really affected by this tuning as they are more responsive than using an controller .


Anything else? :rofl::rofl: absolutely not wrong anyway.

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i think added this for test new mode OVERRUN TEST TUNNING

for me they should add this tunning only for Ranked and future mode OVERRUN , the gameplay is too slow in other versus but if they add this on OVVERUN IT WOULD BE GOOD this tunning is for OVERRUN like in judgment! not other modes.

Stop defending boring and slow gameplay.


He only likes it because this tuning is for bronze one playerslike him staying in cover hard aiming with aim assist on 90% of the match


Tc brown nose
Give me examples how I’m wrong ???


You’re disagreeing to disagree without even explaining why, you know it’s true, how can you even contend basic gameplay movements and counters to them, you just want it easy and the game catered to you which is what this tuning is doing for you.

You have your opinion and can like it, but you’re clearly not trying to understand those many of us that don’t and refute to refute despite how it is.

With all due respect, what do you know about pc anyways? Plenty of people that play on pc including content streamers (like zii) have said they haven’t felt it as much. I’ve played gears 5 on pc and let me tell you, you get a major advantage over Xbox, everything is just much quicker and registers, even over the many tunings in the past.

Watched avexys recent video and he seemed unaffected but Im still waiting on a response on that I know he’s making a video to talk about what he thinks of the tuning and such.

So, this tuning, while those that play on pc everyday for hours on end would realize a bit, I can assure you they don’t notice it as much because you move so much faster and smoother on pc and it registers better.

So imagine those that don’t play regularly that are on pc and hop on the game, they won’t notice much difference, especially with all the tunings from before.


Oh so I like it cause Im a bronze player?

@TC_Clown Then how come you don’t like it?

So even tho I liked the old tuning.

I like the new tuning cause I now have it easy? Sure…

So you’re agreeing with him that PC K&M have less input delay than PC controller on the new tuning?

My response to him was not about his opinion.

But rather the fact that the things I highlighted are straight up wrong.

Well what’s the difference to you if you liked both? why this one over the old one? I do think it is easier, and boring and not fun like many others have explained why it’s much easier, even playing at high level (diamond/master) was so incredibly boring and we were winning!

Well take it from those that stream or have said that play on pc on current tuning that haven’t noticed much of a difference and play on keyboard and mouse. At least from Xbox to pc you do have less input delay and you have more advantage on keyboard and mouse than controller so i could very well see that statement being true because it has been in the past.

I haven’t played new tuning on controller on pc only Xbox but I played on all the other tunings. even remember a past tuning that was quite slow like this, and it was like playing a completely different game going on pc from Xbox everything was much quicker and registered much better.

Now input delay on controller on Xbox yeah I see that very much.

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Agree with you, wall bouncing is now to clunky and it’s totally pointless because it slows you down even more. The overall running speed isn’t too bad, it’s the diving into cover and dodging frags etc that’s the nightmare.


Because reasons.