The Big Tuning Thread

Hey adapting is fun. It’s like learning a whole new game.

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“The gift that keeps on giving” as @Bleeding_Pepper would say.

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I was hoping the boot camp they had in 5 included this kinda play and talk.

I wish there was a part that was similar to overwatch to even practice some moves without having to create a custom match.

I know it may sound like I’m a TC fan boy, but I find the whole “TC mis management” argument rather insinuating. Again, everyone told them 4 was okay but needed more risk taking. The thing with risk taking is it can backfire.

I think 5 was launched with a lot of these things. Many were happy with the direction, but a lot were annoyed or angry at some decisions enough that TC got together and spent literally all of 2020 making huge overalls for us.

I don’t see how that is poor management. Poor management would be saying you got we we delivered and deal with it. Essentially what epic did with judgement.

If TC said screw you and haven’t changed anything, I would completely agree with you.

Agreed. I respect TC.

i see your point but im not saying anyone should or shouldnt adapt. if you enjoy it, play it. if you dont, then dont play it.

everyone has their preference. i never once told anyone to adapt to something they didnt like.

and like @TC_Clown said it gets so tiring having to change how one plays. but the major point for me is that i simply dont prefer it. also, i’ve never seen a video game undergo such change this late into it. it is ridiculous!

i didnt like gears 5 for several months at first and i didnt play it once.

lastly, i have played every gears title and have only enjoyed them when they fit according to me. there was a time gears 5 was super fast and the game played like crap. i love gears 3 and ue, and im not sure there are two video games any more different than those two.

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where have i heard this before?

i dont see more viability with the new tuning

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Kids were complaining before this tuning:

  • i cant get kills
  • they are moving too fast
  • unfortunately TC decide to hear them

Those kids dont understand Gears , they are likely
Cod players and dont know how much you have to adopt/learn on Gears games .

" kids today dont want to learn anything, they must have everything right now ,and thats shame "

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It would be good if they could come up with a system were they have two different types off movement and gameplay depending on what your playing, like say if you playing quick play then you movement is like it is now slow and everyone bot walking round like noobs, then if you want to play ranked and sweat and play with a team off sweats then make the movement like how it used to be when it was so fast and you could wallbounce and outplay 4 people all around you if you were good enough like used to be able to, this movements now its built for grandads so then good players that wallbounce can easily be shot and killed because you move so slow, no tactics to the game at all, all you need is to be able to shoot on target and you can be as good as anybody now.

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After spending even more time with the update I don’t get all the negativity. Yeah it’s slower roadie run wise and the overall flow but you can still bounce. I was still bouncing the way I was pre update. You all are just so thrown off by the slowed down roadie that it’s making you think everything is slow when it’s not. Lancer is fine, helps both parties. For those that solo queue or just don’t spend every gears session with a full team; you get a better chance to win. For anyone to take you down with a lancer they either have to hit damn near every shot which is unlikely or it’s gotta be a team shot. So you get more time to breathe and live.

lol now people want two separate tunings in playlists ? Do you guys just complain about one thing have it get dealt with and then pretend the thing you complained about actually needs to return ? 2 different tunings would be horrible everyone should just be on one. No matter what happens everyone won’t be pleased. They could do a knee jerk update right now and say we only increased movement by barely a little and then you all will experience some placebo effect and say everyone is too fast again. Finally shotgun battles are back in more capacities than just hyperbounce, miss every shot but land the Up A to rob you or just get close enough to gib. Now people are actually strafing again while also bouncing here and there to utilize cover.


That was on you then living in the middle of nowhere in the Midwest trying to play matches. That’s like me saying gears 3’s hit detection was bad because when I’d play alone when I was stationed on a military base it would be unplayable. Gears 3 was good.

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Two separate tunings won’t happen and yea to all that suggested this is one horrible idea.

We would literally be going back to square one with gears 4 again lol. Separating the community even more making it harder to find matches. People will be conflicted because they want to play what’s considered the definitive gears with its tuning but knowing TC if they did that they’d also give each tuning their own playlist like 4 did. People will want to play by the actual rules and tunings but maybe the mode they like isn’t in that tuning. Thus creating this problem all over again

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What is wrong with having two different movements in the one game so then it caters for everyone for pro’s and all the best people you can play ranked because that is a more serious gameplay then slower for the people who like it slow can play quick play were it is more casual and layed back, im not being funny but me and you must be playing two different games then because when the game first came out they made the second update and made the movement so fast that is when it was at its best and you could get some serious good clips to save its not just the rodue run at all they have took the bosst off when you up A which was the best its all 10 times slower if your fighting more than one person at a time now there is no way you can outplay them now your dead everytime but i dsed to be able to out play whole teams on my own now lucky geta double kill because you can’t move quick enough ro evade a second and a third and a fourth enermy after the first one you kill just boring a repetative

You definitely can’t do what you could do, especially air back A’s styles : ADIOS.

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I had an instance yesterday where I went to shoot the gnasher and it literally took 2-3sec to even get the shot out.

This isn’t Gears anymore.

No active reloads
Netcode leaves one side at a disadvantage
Aim assist
Celebrity cameos
Emotes and banners
Disabling stacks


I’ll admit outplaying 2 people is definitely harder but it’s still doable. Don’t just rely on roadie run strafes and cheeky up A’s. Actually try to hit your shots. Play for the down sometimes. I also think all of you are so flustered by the slower movement that it’s throwing of your wall bounce which for me at least is unchanged. I’m still bouncing as fast as I was pre update. Just play man.

2 tunings is literally gears 4’s problem all over again. You know if it was implemented TC wouldn’t have every mode in each tuning cause ironically that separates the player base even more so you’d probably have something like escalation only with the fast tuning you guys want and once again KOTH being what they consider the casual tuning. Creating the problem again. People want to play the real tuning but still want to play their favorite modes. It’s what kept me off comp in 4. I like KOTH and not the complicated escalation.

here’s something people dont seem to understand.

are we too into our thoughts that we can’t understand people having a different preference? no. you are not this or that no matter what tuning you prefer.

the argument is this:

would i have liked jet packs in black ops2 half way? no
would i have liked no jet packs in black ops3 half way? no
i have a friend who wants wall running, titans and custom loadouts in…apex legends. no, leave that for titanfall 3.

what the issue is for us is that we enjoyed the game more a week ago, it is that simple. no, we are not being over dramatic and nobody is saying gears is now unrecognizable.

we all understand that Player A left previously and is now back while Player B has now left.

a bigger picture, look at all the changes to gears 5 - 4v4, limited modes, and inconsistent tuning changes. so saying that it isn’t that bad or it is only slightly less chaotic or just a tad bit more boring is nonsense.

just remember TC was praised at the later stages of gears 4 and the major uproar going into gears 5 was that it wasn’t a continuation of 4 and that came from the forums, youtube/ers, twitch, reddit, pro players, etc. what happened to that?

for the record, i went nearly a year without playing gears 4 because i found some things to be unacceptable. i also went a long period of time without touching gears 5. be careful what you hear from people who won’t stop playing no matter what because well…they wont stop playing no matter what.

that you have this or that preference does not mean you are or aren’t a true gears fan, whatever that means.


Aim assist been in 5 since launch and I hate it. Feel like not enough people talk about it but I think it’s cause everyone secretly has it on so they can get carried. Especially considering when you ask someone if it’s on they just say they didn’t even know it could be turned off. I would love the aim assist toggle to be taken out


You people don’t actually want to have gnasher battles anymore. You all want to ping pong off of walls and miss every shot until you hit your gib shot or land some corny up A. No strafing no nothing. People say this started with gears 3 but I feel like it got amplified with 4. Introducing 2 different tunings with escalation made it to where comp tuning ‘a damage made the gnasher tickle you so the Meta became bounce like hell and play for the one shot. That got carried unto 5

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