The BIG issue, fix or ignore?

Diving right in here.

Let’s be honest, most of us have played gears 4 recently to prepare for gears 5…
And MOST of us have thaught “it’s worse than I remember 4 months ago”

so I played some social to get some rust off, and I couldn’t help to notice the hit registrations…
I decided to cap some instances where I shot someone “They bled, screamed and lived” at point blank range, you know the typical gears of war jazz…
How ever thinking I at least delt the ever so popular “83%” I literally done nothing… no %%% no points when they died, nothing … yet I clearly hit them blood and all…

So I’m watching back the cap, and yes all pellets hit, I wasn’t just in the moment…
So i asked around, players I know, players I just met and randoms… 'most say the same or agree with me.
And ultimately the explanation boils down to “Its Gears”…

ITS GEARS, honestly…
It’s not my connection not my friends or randoms its somthing to do with gears…

Right so I asked the sponging players who absorb 3 hits and barely go down, the same question …
“Do you ever get 0 score from shots you hit?”
My replys:
“Learn to aim, instead of cheating” (I assume he means wall bouncing)

“Console peasant” ( I know right)

“Spannish words”

“Get better connection”

And my favourite reply “Noob”

Anyways, I played some ranked tdm,koth…
Same sort of thing, but only vs certain players…
As crazy as its sounds… I have about 20-30 ping at all times, this guy had the same more or less…

Yet, i genuinely couldn’t 1 shot the guy… he had no movement no sort of game sence, he was literally walking like a bot and hiding on walls…

I seriously struggle to kill the guy, my gun felt so weak,
However when he shot me it was like a train!
The distance with the damage, 1shot even when I’m at a 2shot distance, splat!

After the game, a player from his team messaged me, “I see that, you got bs”

But during this game killing the other players worked, it was just the one guy.

Does anyone else have the same experience vs certain players, now I’ll ask the same question…

Do you ever get 0 score from shots you hit?
And do you fear the same bs will arise in gears 5?


U are not alone my friend
There are definitely times I’ve hit opponents point blank and then died to see no percentage pop up on enemy from my shot
Sometimes it’s the whole lobby where I feel I’m only in the game as a sliding distraction cuz my guns are dookie but then there are lobbies where I’m fine like u said as long as I avoid one or two specific players

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My favourite one is point blank gnasher with blood spray, enemy turns around and one shots me and I get 0%. Teammate gets the kill 3 seconds later and I get 75 points.

Point blank with 0% and 0 points happens all the time.

You said it yourself, it’s gears.

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Oh yes. Absolutely. Got a couple yesterday. All pellets hit, got blood. No damage. And sometimes I shoot blanks. It’s crazy and totally random.

Also got a glitch where my teammate was mantling and I mantled where he was and it broke cover for me. I couldn’t take cover or change weapons. But I went up to someone trying to shoot me and I chainsawed him even tho I wasn’t holding B lol.

The game just doesn’t function properly half the time.

Spawns are broken too.

Gears 5 won’t last if it’s like this. It’ll feel too outdated. Most games are a lot more refined now it seems. If people aren’t doing damage and shooting blanks like this it’ll force people not to play. Playing this game is infuriating enough sometimes lol. Gears of war is always so up close and personal and aggressive. Too aggressive for most. If this stuff happens it’ll suffer the same as gears 4s did with population.

It’s maddening.


Exactly how it’s like for me OP, and the reason I’m not playing as much as I used to.

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The thing about it is, I dont recall a moment where I have absorbed a point blank myself…
Even with lancer, it deviates my hp.
As if theres a system in play to level the playing field for new or less skilled players.

I have definitely seen myself absorb shotgun shots. I see blood squirt from my character and no actual damage at all… you could say maybe one pellet hit and did minuscule amount. Nope, I know this to be incorrect because I don’t see any of the crimson omen appear.

Somewhere Information most likely got lost.

I havent heard that word since I was a teenager :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

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God like players, to be one of those… imagine being able to sponge all shots… amazing.

I feel your pain, I’m constantly asking where my shot went? It says I hit once yet I know I hit twice… ‘it’s just gears tho…’ sigh

This was happening in 5 too.

So basically,

Every Gears that has ever been made.

Glad I can make someone laugh with it :joy:

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Hell yeah, I had almost forgotten why I stopped playing Gears two years ago. I can’t remember a single modern AAA multiplayer game in this state in term of QoS (SSB:U maybe ? but it’s p2p).

I am afraid we won’t see any improvement since Tech Test was inconsistent (especially week 2), and Gears 4 hasn’t got any better in 3 years …

TC is bad at making a good matchmaking system and that’s a shame if we compare it to 343i and Halo 5 multiplayer.
I can’t understand why they didn’t trade info or worked together.

Anyway, Gears 5 is going to be out in 4 days now, so let’s wait and see if it’s better

Brother I am in my mid fourties…to see that brought warm feeling to my heart…it was our favorite word until we started actually cussing lol