The big garbage 99% in the head

this is tc’s good work?
shooting game that shoots and nothing happens?
give an advantage by offering server aids to many players?

opinion tc team of failures in search of easy money

below epic

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bro you can’t come on here after everytime you get a 99%

I am a customer??

are you happy with the game destroyed by tc?

Be Constructive

We want to foster deep discussions, whether it’s between fans or providing feedback to the development team.

Add insight into your opinions. Think something is wrong about the game? Provide reasoning and understanding to build a conversation.

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Say your piece on twitter, TC doesn’t care much about what’s being said on their official forums, even less if it’s a rant with no context or details.

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That’s why people leave the games? Do you want more fundamentals?

they NEVER solve anything

TC does not give anyone an advantage, set matchmaking to make low ping a priority. By default its set to find a mach quickly which seems to be any lobby regardless of what server its on.

You are acting as though TC choose players to give “server aids” which is just false.

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Stop posting threads, it’s aggravating.


Yes you are correct.

You had a bad time with the game and are simply ranting in the forums. Like I said, TC pays little attention to the forum and on top of that you provide nothing at all other than garbage this garbage that.

Do you really expect TC to do something about it? You can either be constructive or just admit your rants are directed towards forum lurkers and not TC.

Surprised this guy hasn’t been banned yet.

This isn’t a thing. Stop saying that this is a thing.

shootout game kill with shooting

I understand that you are one of the favored online

Please ensure feedback is constructive as per the forum rules.

Thank you.