The BFF achievement is insane

I got all the achievements for Gears 4 but getting 4 level 5 allies is insane, i don’t know more than 2 friends who play Gears 5 and the total amount of points required is crazy.

Yeah, most people use the true achievements forums to find teams and schedule grinding sessions. It takes about 60 hours of “co op vs ai” to get the achievement. I haven’t done it yet but I plan to.

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Level 4 to 5 is insane.

Play every day for around 4-6 hours.

Still only 1/3 of the way in.

I can’t imagine for 5 people, especially when higher ranks can’t really 5 stack.

I got Seriously 5.0 today and that’s it for me, I’m not bothering with Gears Allies.

Ridiculous requirement for a 15 Gamerscore achievement.

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I might get it for 2 others MAX.

No way hitting it for 4 others.

Fair play to those who are out to bag this. But it’s absolutely never gonna happen for me. Some achievements are so ludicrous or grindy that they impact what games are meant to be…fun. I have done 3 of the previous ‘point 0’ achievements but recognise that this one is not for me.

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It really is insane but we have a main thread for this already:

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:clap::clap::clap: on seriously

These achievements were designed with the expectation this game would be hugely successful for the long term.

Oh how wrong they were.



Anyone who gets this has dedicated friends tbh :joy:

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Hajaja so true

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I had more colourful words in mind, but that’ll do. :joy:

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I usually like filling up my achievements lists on franchises I like, but that does not seem at all worth it.

I’ll leave Gears 5 unfinished.

I feel like I’ve seen you somewhere before. Maybe commenting on some Dragon Age 2 video or something.

Kotaku comments section? I basically comment on all their Dragon Age stuff lol. Don’t really comment on videos.

But yeah I’ve been around the internet for years. Maybe the old BSN before they shut it down? I was there ALL the time for ME3 multiplayer stuff.

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Yep that’s it. So strange to see someone from Kotaku here! Strange but welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

I played a ton of ME2 and ME3 as well.

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None of the people who I pkayed GoW4 with are playing G5…

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This game has zero value and is by far the worst franchise edition. Achievements are impossible because the game lags out before you get anywhere (on Xbox1 at least). Master horde? Not a chance. MP? Same and etc ad infinitum. I complained about server inadequacy 7 weeks ago and was promised 28 day resolution. Did it happen? No. But we’ve got an update of 13gig that solves zero but expects microteansactions . Gears 4 is also server inhibited even tho it never wad before. So I gonna go back to 3 and remind myself how ■■■■ great things can become. If u wanna beast on 3 msg me.