The best skill in this game is walking

TC, if you planned to create the most boring game in the world, congratulations, you succeeded. Just walk and do the killing. Why attack, the enemies themselves will come running to you.

Add protection against damage when moving depending on speed (%). Reanimate this dead game.

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You lost me at the title.


im sorry man… I didn’t understand the message you’re trying to say…

I don’t see the problem on that…

It’s not a dead game… its a game limited in creativity but its not dead.

Regarding the title the best skill its how to properly use the gnasher , do a perfectly timed wallbouncing and to know how to use the freedom lancer when it counts

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Apparently we have different styles of play. I like to actively move and the game often punishes me for this =/


I have to admit, OP isn’t completely off here.
Honestly, I can’t tell you the amount of times I have been killed in Gears 5 by enemies who are standing completely still.
While I feel the Gib range is close to where it should be, I also acknowledge the impact this has on the gameplay meta. This game, beyond a doubt, rewards less aggressive players in most engagements. Don’t get me wrong, there are still players who exercise very advanced techniques, like wrap-shots who will kill you consistently, but then there are the players who simply walk towards you, eat your ‘just our of gib range shot’ and then one-shot you as they close that final inch of distance. It’s very annoying, and I feel until we get more stable online play, there is really no counter outside of going for downs and poke-damage… the latter being impossible lately as it feels like all hard aimed shots miss 90% of their pellets now.

I like games where you can jump. Gears games lacks this jumping ability, so i actually miss jumping.

Suffice to say, jumping is the best skill in any game.

Halo has an Achievement where you have to complete an entire level without jumping. This is impossible for me, jumping is a skill. Look at Destiny and Destiny 2, jumping is such an art form on that game, there are three different types of jumping. Even Dragon Age Inquisition has a jump button now, although it is pathetic, it is a jump.

Walking is boring, jumping is King. Mantling is not jumping, just in case anyone mentions it.

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shooting has to be the best skill @Useless_At_Halo

in second would be jumping hahahhaa :smile:

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yes man I think so… I go by the law of " kill all the fu**ing monsters and leave no trace of them behind " style. … hahahahah :smile:

I understand stand what you are trying to say actually also. Some new players that bot walk can kill you easy if you are out of Gib range land a clean shot only to enter the next frame and get Gib. In certain situations good movement does get punished. Also bot walking is also a skill, I’ve been trying to do it alot more ever since op2 movement was removed. I honestly try not to bounce anymore unless it’s to get away from Lancer fire or dance my way to safety (run) and heal up. Seeing a player that tries to hyper bounce in 5 around me I honestly feel I have the advantage, it’s not intimating at all. It’s just the way Gears 5 is atm. Don’t get me wrong there are a handful of player’s(not counting the pros) that can beast movement and be God’s at this game. Just seems I run into them far less than I’ve had in past GOW games.

Well OP your biggest problem is the first word to your post was “TC”…

TC isn’t here. They’re long gone.


oh, I thought he was trying to get his “steps” in for the day.

Agree with you on the “limited creativity.” Lol

yeah man I know TC won’t like my show here… however Its important to say the truth and exposing it to the OP hahahahaha :smile:

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Jumping and Shooting. Jump Shot.
All rolled up in to one beautiful move. The Horde will not know what hit them. They might thing the CoG has recruited Rabbits. Maybe.

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That would Jazz things up.


I remember that game @Useless_At_Halo and @GhostofDelta2 that really was a blast to play… fond memories playing that :smile:

In GOW4 I felt the distance, I knew that I could withstand a few more shots to sharply get close to the enemy and stun him. I felt the approximate number of shots at enemy fleeing from me to knock him down.

In G5 there is nothing but annoyance =/

You can get used to any range of gib if it works stably. But boring gameplay, especially if it is encouraged by developers is not for me.

Not here to defend TC at all because I believe they deserve every bit of criticism. What i can do is relay to you what I know.
So TC pretty much acknowledge that they dropped the ball with certain aspects of this game. Major changes in staff have been made. I’ve seen numerous post on Twitter some from accounts whom i have no idea what position they hold at TC makes statements such as “we hear you, we strayed, we’re back on course” things to that nature. As for the Gnasher, they implemented a whole new tuning which has so many issues that they had to revert back to I think the op2 adhesion not quite sure which one actually because the hip fire was so broken. Just a bandage untill they fix the issues. Granted the consistency is not there. This is what they are working on. They are also looking into the kill trade window, and are working on ways to better tell you the story of what just happened. Just a list of things from movement and cover speed also. So with that all I can say is we been here this long, let’s wait a little longer , if these new updates coming out make game play a little bit better here and there we know they are heading in the right direction. Besides content I think Op3 was just bad all the way around. Let’s see what happens. I would say we owe TC that much but I can’t. As a Gears Fan I can say I owe myself that much to stick around.