THE best Raam is an earned (free) Raam! JUNE/JULY is rock the free Raam month

Iwill be rocking the free raam for june/july to celebrate my true fandom . This is where i spent time and energy getting credits to buy general RAAM and got him… Because my RAAM brings all the chicks to the yard because he’ s bigger than yours …he’s bigger than yours

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I’ll be rocking free Sraak, he’s bigger than RAAM

I’ll be rocking Myyrah - she the boss later.

I’ll be rocking the I DON’T CARE skin

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Not seen that one, any pics?

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I believe that’s the Armored JD skin.



I think it’s the Wrestler Oscar Skin.

Besides, which is better?
Wrestler/Luchador/Champion Oscar or Colourblast Oscar?

Oh Luchador definitely. You will look like a huge boss in versus and intimidate the entire opposing team to camp at their spawn and pray for the round to end before you find them. I know because teams do that everytime I play as colorblast Del. :rofl:

i’ve already played as the secret brumak vs character and he’s the biggest

how to make the worst locust character in existance: colorblast day of the dead luchador sraak.

Lol. Personally I’m hoping and praying every day TC will realize just how f’ing epic Black Steel Armored Kantus would truly be.

Watching out for “Black Censor Bar Oscar” - with the amount of clothes they keep reducing off of him, that’s the next step I’m afraid. And I like Oscar as a character… :nauseated_face:


Lol. You got me dead over her bruh.

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“Pixelated Oscar” - like the old Epic employee skins, just covering the naughty bits lol

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That would be it :laughing::face_vomiting: