The best moment in gears 5

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This was the best part of Gears 5 for me.

It’s Fahz, right?


Idk what the point of fahz was when almost every new character is an unlikable ■■■ hole

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Agreed. I just thought that was the best part of the game.

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Oh it was.

What’s so wrong about it? people complain all the time, maybe they hoped for TC to do something about it? As to why they uninstalled… do you consider PvP to be in a decent state?

As for “coordinated responses”, think about what you would think of someone answering the way you did when you’re the one complaining.

Complaining to the devs when they left long ago clearly serves no purpose other than venting, and having played pvp recently I most definitely cannot blame them for that.

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Lots of assumptions there… my point was that the OP and their friend were extremely vague and did not say anything specific about why they were so unhappy with the game so while many will agree PVP is not in agree great place, they did nothing to highlight what the issue was. It just becomes a pointless rant at that point. And even now after a couple of replies from the OP and their friend, they still have not.

I wouldn’t have done this in such a way. Again, it smacks of desperation and pointlessness that they are buddying up to reply to and like each other’s vague ranting posts in order to validate each other without providing some substance to validate.

Same. Gears is just different and I love it. Nothing close to the clutch in gears. Especially in this new age gaming garbage where it’s all about whatever’s popular they’ve stayed true to the series. I think popularity has to do a lot with lack feedback and changes unfortunately. I’ll agree games have their ticks especially gears but there’s things that could/should have been addressed

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I know the circumstances because I was playing with them and while I do agree that there was no context, I find it hard to understand as to why some people cannot believe there is indeed something wrong with the game.

What do you mean by “providing substance” by the way? The whole post was meant to be nothing more than a rant aimed towards someone that left the forums a loooong time ago. No one was expecting a reply, they were merely venting.

But I do understand you consider the game to be nothing but rainbows and sunshine, and let me tell you that I envy you in that regard.

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Best part?
Myrrah’s "origin"story/Kadar

Also I got 3 mvp’s out of 4 on Control earlier…so I love Gears 5…at the moment :wink::thinking:


You understand wrong then.

I totally get that PVP is basically a mess. I don’t touch PVP anymore and haven’t done since probably Operation 6 or thenabouts. I’ve always been mostly PVE, but back in the GOW4 days I’d split my time roughly 80/20 between PVE and PVP. Even pre-Op 6 I’d dabble in PVP occasionally, but I didn’t particularly enjoy it.

My total shift away from PVP is partly because it’s a mess. But also because PVE is more interesting to me and that alone occupies my time. In GOW4 because Horde was the only PVE mode, I ended up playing some PVP because there’s only so much mileage I could get out of Horde, so eventually got a bit more and played PVP to mix things up a bit.

That said, PVE has some problems too (bugs, balancing etc). GOW5’s Horde has some issues and flaws, but despite that is still the best iteration of Horde ever so far (in my opinion). And Escape is in my view, on par with Horde. The main issue is that there aren’t enough hives to play, so because I’ve played it to the death since launch, it’s become less interesting.

GOW5 is still a very solid 7 or 8/10 for me. It has it’s flaws and this high score is due to me not being that invested in PVP, but that’s my view.

Also, this line alone kinda misunderstands the social dynamics of an internet forum. The OP may have primarily wanted to vent their anger and annoyance, but the fact they posted it on a public internet forum is basically an invitation for others to respond. There are other ways to vent which don’t involve an internet forum.

After that screengrab you did not press the button and its still installed