The best moment in gears 5

I’ll never see that garbage laggy mess again :smiley:



what a garbage game, I feel so cheated… zero affection for the video game industry… they shouldn’t be dedicated to making games, they should be raising excrement from all the anger, lags, lost information on the servers, versus unplayable with ping higher than 180, characters that teletramorte… unfortunately a garbage game

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LOL at the obvious secondary account created just to try and reinforce the initial post.


See you in a week bro


no, just one of my friends that also uninstalled this garbage today

yes champion I am a secondary account

@Markolico has 5 gamerscore for GOW5 and 115 overall in total. :slight_smile:

my official account is El Rabias

It’s his second account… are you bored?, nothing else to do? lol


I get it that you love the game despite everything, but how hard is it to understand that not everyone thinks the same?


this is my account so you can stop crying

I thought the best moment in Gears 5 was when Keegan kicked Mac out of the Condor but thats just me. Or maybe it was when Fahz tackled that Snatcher off the back of the rocket to save Del. Can’t decide honestly.


the best part of gears 5 is when people come to the forums to announce there uninstalling the game for some sort of attention i guess…? like, cool enjoy uninstalling a game you don’t like. You want a medal?


I just dont get all tbe hate. Their is no other game out their with movement like this. You can be dissapointed a little. Like other games better. But to uninstall it. I actually really enjoy 5. Its given me tons of pleasure
.has it had “its moments”? Sure. But what game doesn’t


None of you have done it yet?


We never played together, but if you weren’t happy with the game, good for you for uninstall and moving on.

Also, no more Gears or no more Gears 5?

Firstly I find it funny that people who hate the game so much feel the need to announce they are quitting/uninstalling it. The OP or their friend doesn’t even go into any detail about the reasons why. It’s just vague ranting.

Secondly the need to coordinate responses to a thread like this using secondary accounts is a bit desperate as if they feel the need to validate their feelings.

Not sure what gave the impression I was crying… weren’t you the guys who were unhappy with a video game and telling the internet about how unhappy you were? :wink:

Good riddance. Your “friends” should follow suit.

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