The best Horde tag teams, and I don't mean The New Day

What are Horde classes/builds with great (or ideally unknown/underrated) synergy? Bonus points if they work well with randoms?

There are the obvious love-it-or-hate-it Demo ultimate and Interrogation Tactician, and Marksman with Veteran’s ultimate. And from surveyed lobby titles + personal experience I know from both sides that Mechanic and Team Repair Combat Medic saves insane amounts of cost & tedium for the engineer.

Harness Energy Anchor or Helpful Headshot Combat Medic can keep an Armored Shot Nomad stimmed.

I can understand Mechanic + Robotics Expert, but personally I usually don’t see the loss of a fourth player’s DPS as worth it.

Has anyone gotten any use out of the dedicated cards for such patterns like Inspired? I remember trying it out back before the Op 5 rename/class-unlock and looked like a dumb puppy dog following Marcus around. Too weak for the amount of effort to ensure you’re sticking within 10m on all but the smallest maps/bases.

What about Best Friends? I could never see it being worth it. You presumably either have a Kill Jack, Medic Jack, or Forging Jack, and all are going to be constantly moving all over the place. The time where I see a Jack near the engineer repairing is typically very short.

Tell me your own thoughts. Also feel free to propose imagined future cards that would improve cooperative team play.

Combat Medic and Blademaster or Infiltrator. Throw in Over Doing it; or Get Up (respectively) and you have a great way to keep the BM/Infil on their feet.

Also Pilot with The Hammer equiped coupled with a Blademaster or Infiltator. The ability to stun things with the Dropshot can make life super easy when within sight of the base.

And an execution build Nomad coupled with a BM or Infiltrator can work wonders too. Enemies in fear may run away but they stop shooting, and if the BM has nailed down a consistent loop of using their ultimate with Shock Chain it mitigates the enemy running away. Plus Armored Shot allows you to bleed enemies which gives the BM that close-range resistance buff from Thrill of The Hunt.

But Anchor and their Harness Energy card with any team composition works a treat. The fact its got unlimited range makes it a superb card. The Anchor is such a good class and my 3rd favourite to play after BM and Infiltrator.

I personally hate (and forbid) the Veteran-Marksman combo.


Gunner card that gives 95% damage resist for 6 seconds + any teammate that can get any amount of damage resist on their own.

I especially like this combo when my group does challenge runs on Tougher and Stronger Dailies. I would play Gunner and pay close attention to when the BM’s ult runs out then i would use mine so the BM could safely get their ult back and continue killing everything.


Jack and Gunner with Ult. Battery. 1 down by a Sniper = Ult. Charged a few Claw/Hammerburst damage taken = Jack’s Ult. is back.

Works best when using Heavy Weapons because the Card’s description is wrong (needs to be Damage not HITS) so some healing while taking Damage makes it even more efficient.

This Card also saved a Game the other day because the Combat Medic got his Ult. back when we both wen’t down by a Boom as the last 2 standing :wink:

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Fun Fact if there’s 2 Gunners using Teamresist and Bait Armor they can turn each other invulnerable alternately.

I never knew the first stack of Bait-armor is always active until a friend and i tryed this combo.

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I guess it is like Consecutive Shot: You always have at least one stack.

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I like coming here and always learning something new.

I like the combo of sniper build Tactician and Vet. Getting those juicy headshots always makes me smile on the dailies with reduced bleed.

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  • Marksman-Veteran obviously, Veteran-Combat Medic could help CQC classes if they go down if CM has Intervention on
  • Tactician-Pilot with Resupply Amplifier can refill Salvo ammo in the Silverback to extend the ULT even longer
  • Tactician-Gunner for infinite stunning with Salvo
  • Anchor-Marksman or Anchor-Nomad for extra sniper damage
  • Anchor-Mechanic for extra turret damage
  • Gunner-Jack with anyone within 10m with the Ultimate Battery skill card to farm ultimate recharge
  • Gunner with Team Resist (wish it worked for 12s with the perk)
  • Infiltrator-Blademaster out in the field - shotgun bleed can help keep BM alive, bleeding enemies are dealt more damage from Blood Resonance, so it’s a nice cycle

I was a bit surprised when I first saw the game treats Jack repairing the Silverback as healing a player, so it doesn’t cost any power. I’ve kept a number of Silverbacks going for the duration of its Ultimate rather than it being destroyed early.

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Out of curiousity, a question for those who hate this combo - if you see a Marksman and Veteran combine for this cheap combo, who do you hold responsible and who do you kick?

Marksman most of the time. Usually, the Vet uses his ult and then the Marksman runs over and uses his with it. I wouldn’t blame the Vet for that unless he was begging the Marksman to.

How come no ones mentioned gunner pilot? Legit insane damage resistance and is super fun.

Its mostly how we mastered every hive without killing a single enemy.

It requires coordination while Vet Marksman requires little. And Gunner Pilot won’t wipe an entire wave on their own.

You weren’t asking me since I don’t kick, but for the sake of argument, is there a reason why you’re limited to only kicking one? The last time I encountered this pairing it was two players partied up, with a common tag in their name, and both playing the same Heroic Baird skin. There was no doubt it was a shared plan.

I generally agree in most random situations that it’s more likely the Marksman seeking out the Veteran than the other way around. However, if the Veteran really doesn’t want/intend for it, it’s trivially easy for him/her to leave that or any cover to prevent it (and it’s not as if botwalking Veterans that don’t share the ultimate/stim with anyone aren’t at least as common). Also, if I were keeping one player, I’d probably prefer keeping the greater damage potential of Marksman.

On the other hand, with that Heroic Baird duo, it was the selfish pinhead Marksman who picked up the end-of-round ammo boxes, then squatted & took the beginning-of-round respawn, even though I was also there at the same time and hadn’t picked up ammo for several rounds (and there was a locker). Really? It’s not enough to do the wave-wipe every time you can, you have to make it clear you truly don’t intend for anyone else to contribute? Why did you join a public game in the first place?