The best classes / top tiers and worst classes in each category

I’ve been wondering since there’s several horde / escape veterans in these forums I would like to know which classes in each category are currently the best to use and are always wanted or welcomed whenever playing horde and escape and classes that are hated or considered very underwhelming at their current state (I say that because this may change in the next drop or operation)

Feel free to make your own list of tiers regarding all classes and your reasons why you believe it to be that way alongside your own list of a summary on the whole thing (whichever works for you).

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Thank You.

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Nomad and Blademaster are the absolute best classes for Escape. Theres not a single hive i wouldn’t want either of those on my team.


Hey, don’t forget about best boy Keegan!

Horde - Assault : Lahni > Kait > Fahz > Paduk > JD

Horde - Tank : Lizzie > Marcus > Mac > Clay > Cole

Horde - Support : Keegan - Baird > COGear > Jack > Del

Escape is very dependent on whatever Hive you’re playing and what’s available. You can never go wrong with Scorpio though. They’re able to ■■■■ ■■■■ up in pretty much every single Hive.

Promos are all banned from my lobbies and will always be. I’m sure a handful of players are able to make them work and look good, but randoms never will.


Demolition is easiest class to do dmg and wreck stuff


Wrong. You need a locker to consistantly put out damage. Kait only needs 1 or 2 ammo boxes and is still a better Class.


Sometimes the best is the most hated. For a player who just wants to be in a team that breezes through on autopilot, gets the xp and rewards, then they will want whatever it takes to make that happen…like the op3 Veteran…which was hated by a lot of lobby hosts.

On a personal level, i would say the most hated are the engineers. Useful yes but a lot of the time they are entitled fusspots who either kick or quit.

The best…huge fan of marksman, nomad and tactician

Gunner is my go to guy.

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I’m going to give this a miss because I reject the category system (tank, support, assault) purely because the classes within each category tend to differ from one another massively, fulfilling different roles, and some of them don’t even fit into their designated category all that neatly.


Yeah keegan is really good but he doesn’t spawn with what he needs. Nomad spawns with the Boltok which is mostly what he needs, although a lancer helps alot. And Blademaster doesn’t need anything but venom. I guess anchor kinda falls under this too but some hives don’t have alot of ammo boxes or the hive has ammo starvation.


Disciplined+Snub+Recharge Bounty. Also gives you gigableed, but at the same time turns the snub into a better Markza.


Another thing to consider is the person behind using said class, you can have an entire “meta team” and still wipe out if they’re all clueless on how to do said roles.

yeah i could see that working.

I almost never play tactician bc I find that really boring in escape and horde but I was messing around one day and put on disciplined and found out that that card is one the best in the game. I dont use the instant reload resupply or resupply duration bc im not a spammer and the default time resupply is more than enough in horde. I looked up some Tact/keegan horde guides to see what people thought and it was always “this cards good in early waves” like what? This card is amazing throughout the whole game. Same with bullet boost on demo, a few guides the person said “this cards okay” when bullet boost is actually great too.


I suppose that’s fair but I’m curious to know what’s your favorite class and why that is.

Yeah, not the biggest fan of Keegan in Horde, but in Escape you can pick up pretty much anything with Disciplined and go to town. Definitely one of the best cards in the game.


I don’t really have a favourite to be honest. I like to think I’m a flexible player who is able to play any class and make it work to an extent - some I’m better with than others obviously, but I wouldn’t say I feel uncomfortable or out of my depth with any of them. I personally would get bored if I played the same class over and over, so would end up taking a break from it. I guess that’s why I like to change things up and have put the time into experiencing and improving across all classes.

One of the classes I’ve been playing as in Horde alot recently is Anchor, because I feel that it’s a pretty under-rated class and is actually very beastly. I suspect alot of people think “Boltok? Yeah it’s a strong pistol, but how can a pistol out-gun a rifle/grenade launcer/sniper rifle/etc?” The Anchor relies alot on their ultimate Barrier ability, but the recharge time is on par with the Gunner, and with a few cards like Barrier Boost, it’s pretty much impenetrable. Only melee attacks will go through it, and the only other things that will hurt you is explosive splash damage fired over or around the side of it. The Anchor can easily stand their ground against obscene numbers of enemies and not have to worry much about being pushed back.

Plus as they start with, and utilise the Boltok as their main weapon it allows me to show off my Psychic execution. :smiley:

But like I said, I don’t have a favourite class really. I’m flexible and can go with the flow depending on my mood.

But I will add, is that I am sometimes put off playing as Marksman if the host is far away from me and I have anything less than 4/4 bars of connection. It may seem small, but that little bit of lag throws me off when sniping so I tend to only play this with hosts who I have a better connection with (I usually get a solid 4/4 connection with European hosts).


Until the card gets patched at least, if ever. Or its description.


This is a team game
Solo maybe kait

But in a team
Demolition is the easiest to output dmg
And safest


Don’t you dare say stuff like that!


If they patch disciplined they’ll have to reconfigure how damage is calculated on the game with all the other cards that increase damage. I dont see that happening lol