The beauty of Ruby Scion (Screenshots & gif of the crystal animation inside)

Black steel has enough ruby crystals for my taste… albeit it’s not alot… but I’ll stick with my savage grenadier elite anyhow. Looks sweet tho but I’ll never get enough kills for it lol

Really not a fan. Looks like he has infected zits all over his back

Imulsion crystals got imulsion? Haha the pure irony! :stuck_out_tongue:

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He’s going to infect the cog with his zit juice flying around everywhere.

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Looks beautiful! Thanks for posting this!

Just wish there was like a ruby weapon skin set. Though midnight omen is a good substitute.

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How’s this gonna be a legendary while the Blood Moon Swarm Imago is a RARE?! :joy:

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Perhaps because the crystals are animated which makes it legendary? haha

Still though i think we can all agree that the Blood Moon Swarm Imago is definitely the better one… :eyes::ok_hand:t3:

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It is indeed, but you got to admire the ruby scion on dark maps like clocktower. Looks great.

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Yeah no problem. I’m having a hard time finding weapon skins to use with him myself. Might go default for a while until I can find something.

True. That’s what i was thinking about the imago although i think the BMSI looks better on lighter maps like checkout

Yeah, I’d throw TC a stack of cash to get it but I missed my chance via the raffle - I was away when that was happening :sweat_smile: