The beauty of Ruby Scion (Screenshots & gif of the crystal animation inside)

For those that dont have the Ruby Scion, here is some shots of the character in game. You can claim your reward right now atMy rewards page.

in a dark lit background:

on a bright map:

Crystal animation (apologies for quality and format, its a gif format as the forum doesnt support mp4 uploads)

imo, it would have been nice to have a matching weapon skin set to go with this character, but no need to complain, as TC has done an amazing job with making this character look stunning.

Really curious to see this in 4K though


yeah, I actually do not like the way it looks and I really hoped it would of looked better

Not a fan of Swarm characters period, this one is no exception. I’ll stick to my OG Locust skins lol. Congrats on the skin though

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I’m gonna try pairing my Ruby Scion with the Midnight omen weapon skins.

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Well technically scions are just RAAM size locust drones :stuck_out_tongue:

So howbcould you not like them, what makes them unlikeable in compared to OG locusts?

Can’t lie, I wish it was on the Black Steel Scion instead of the regular Scion because the Black Steel one has armour on the chest + back. I’d also have liked something interesting done with the legs whether it be more crystals, lights, whatever.

Still though, this skin looks great. I’m very happy with the animating effect and the red really matches the theme of the swarm/locust. Well done IMO, even if it’s not perfect.

Image comparisons:


He actually looks kinda cool. A bit pink in game, but that’s not really a bad thing. Looks like a Scion that knows how to party.

I pictured him having swollen red backne looking ready to erupt (kinda like my black steel one does) but the gameplay shots don’t look like that at all. The rubies look kinda like, “flair” I guess.

“Year of the Dog” and “Midnight Omen” weapon skin sets both look great with the Ruby Scion.

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To be honest the BS steel scion barely has any crystals tbh.

However if they did armored scion version for versus with the crystals penetrated the armor then it would have been great, just take the black steel template and apply regular locust color plallete on the armor and the crystals they can do what they did now.

That way ruby scion will not just be your regular scion variant.

Also for diamond, i would have thought they would have used scion elite than regular scion

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Could you do me a favor and follow these requirements below? Im curious as to see how they look and also i can add them to the character combo hub on my fansite too. Make sure the map is highlighted in red like in the screenshot.

Just post your screenshots here or i can fetch em later from Xbox Clips.

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Looks sweet! That seems like a great combo!

But any chance you can remove the black bars? Though i may be able to use that but may have to stretch the image a bit. Just need to see tomorrow.

Both their physical qualities and their armor are trash in my eyes. To each their own though. I’m more of a Theron type of guy myself.

A day earlier wasn’t it? Thought it wasn’t claimable until tomorrow.

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My Ruby Scion brings all the humpers to the yard!
I can’t believe how many suitors I’ve found tonight… The results are better than Tinder ! :whale:


Nice! So far no one in my matches given a damn there was a never before seen character variant xD.

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That’s it? Makes me happy I didnt grind for the kills for it…I probably wouldn’t use it anyway

My settings were on high and not ultra though. Did this in a rush. I can try to post better quality pictures later in the day.