The Barracks - Master Difficulty Guide

I hope everyone is finally able to enjoy Operation 3 after all the server issues yesterday and early this morning. I managed to master the first hive of this Operation. We used Lahni, Lizzie, and Mac. In this hive you’ll need Lahni’s electroblade towards the end, Lizzie’s Silverback to destroy Juvies after entering the safe room and on the heli-pad, and Mac to finish up or start bleed damage. With the META changing since Keegan is no longer able to grenade dupe things will be interesting going forward as new hives come out.

Also, there’s new achievements linked to Mastering an Operation 3 Hive and 1-50 Horde run. This is 50% completion right here and of course the ToD rewards.

The Barracks Master Escape Video Guide


Could Keegan use the Salvos?

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Great question. Keegan can’t use the salvos dropped, they are actually buzzkills in this video… I don’t believe there are any salvos that drop in this hive unless it’s on the other part of the map we didn’t go. Keegan can’t use salvo’s by lizzie. They are tied to the silverback.

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But keegan can enter silverback.


Thank you for this video :slight_smile:


Good video bro, hope you will also make a video of the other path in this map where you get to see the new barracks tiles.

From what I’ve been told, the Barracks pathway gives more COG Tags which would be useful for high scores.

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Just blasted through it with 2 randoms, I was Lizzie and used me silverback 4 times.

We did the shortcut path.

First try also on master.


Great work, I commented to your post on Reddit, but I’ll reply here. I’ll give the other version a try as well.

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Thanks m8, it’s much easier I think.

It has a total of 8 COG tags, which with the three COG tags in the first Act gives you a total of 11 throughout the entire hive, so yes, it gives you a lot. As an example, I have currently only beaten the hive up to Insane(no Inconceivable attempts), and it still is enough to get to the Top 2% when you go through the barracks act. Currently, anyway.

What are people’s thoughts on the hive anyway? I quite like it but it is more on the difficult side. Where I might occasionally carry low levels or bad players through other hives on Elite or Insane, I just don’t do it on this one. I suspect it might push the low levels to stop going into Elite or upwards matches when they are still bad or don’t have a clue what they’re doing. Same goes for the… less good players who think they’re better than they are. Haven’t seen any thread about a discussion on this hive itself. So thought I’d ask around a bit. My impressions on the barracks tiles so far is that they’re MUCH better combat spaces than the mining and ventilation tile sets. Lizzie is also pretty fun to play on this. Haven’t tried any other character yet.

Not sure which of the two paths is harder to go through, but it comes down to your teammates anyway. I’ve certainly experienced the venom catching up in the last section of the barracks act more often than when people keep going for the boring mining act, though. Regardless of path you’ll want to get those venom fans though. It’s nearly impossible without them. It progresses way too quickly.

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Nice post! Im gonna take the chance to share the current world record run, final time still can be improved since we made some mistakes, but if you are thinking guys on very top position are cheaters, that is not true and it hasn’t been ever. Its not big deal just good team and knowledge of the game… We need more competence :slight_smile: there you go

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I am going to go off topic very slightly and just ask everyone here what they think of those new Tiles? I am actually really impressed with some of them.

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They look really good indeed

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They looked pretty good and the first time I even bothered to load up Map Builder to check them out. Some switches are nice for the blinds and some medium / large tiles are really spacious. I like the theme, and kinda resembles a large kitchen, one or few of the tiles. It looks better than Mining and Ventilation.

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I’ve been liking Marcus for this hive. You reliably get a lancer in the safe room and so can run his damage card for it, along with rifle ammo, which if you didn’t know doubles the ammo you get when you pick it (or any rifle) and doubles ammo from crates. Dig in + last stand has always been great for escape.

Right when you get out of the safe room you can trash all the juvies and the scion with living legend + rifle feedback. It will save a ton of time and your team won’t be under venom pressure for the next fight with the bastions. Finally, when sealing the hive living legend should be ready again.

I’ve gotten through the other Op 3 Hives, minus the Choke which I haven’t done yet, without much trouble. People who join in for the Barracks with me also seem to have very little patience when we die, then they quit out after the first or second try.

The first area has actually been one of the tougher areas in the Hive, especially if grenadier elites push through that corridor who can one-shot with the gnasher. The rifle drones sitting behind cover and firing do shock damage too which can unexpectedly kill. One one occasion I even died while flipping the switch, haha. It seems like it’s luck whether or not grenadier elites show up. Sometimes it’s just rifles and snipers which makes it much easier.

Assuming we got through that, the next area a mob of juvies show up. I can usually get them all with Cole’s splash attack, but sometimes it gets messy when a few get through, and grenadier elites also show up with gnashers, and I haven’t gotten inner fire yet, then teammates throw an iill-timed incendiary and get downed or killed here, I miss a tackle, and so on.

If we manage to get through that and hit a couple fans, there are two paths we can go here. The first path is nearer to the entrance and offers no resistance, and so this is the path teammates seem to prefer. If we go this way, we have to hit the switch then run ahead and hit all the fans, then return here when the door finally opens. Unfortunately, we’ve died in the next area every time when Claw-wielding shock drones take out my teammates and then I’m struggling to revive and end up dying in process as well.

I actually prefer the second path, even though teammates often die early, because Cole can make it through without much trouble and then the next area after the safe room seems more manageable. On this path, we don’t need to hit the fans, really, maybe the first two. We run to the other side of the map, after dealing with the mob of juvies/grenadiers. Then we lure the scion and bastion out a bit before we sneak around him and escape to the safe room, but like I said teammates have often died on this path, while Cole gets through.

After that is a fork which circles around and a bunch of juvies and poppers attack, while a scion follows. We’ve often died here also due to the venom approaching so fast and teammates getting downed and needing revives all the while a scion is firing and more poppers are threatening.

I think we’ve only gotten past that area once or twice. Then, we’ve died in the next area shortly afterwards from shock drones. Oh well, taking a break now and going to keep slugging away at it later. Any advice for me that will help me get it next time?

(edit: from the vid, it looks like the first thing we should try is taking out that scion and getting his buzzkill so the teammates can have an easier time on the juvie mob.)

Since this thread got revived; is there a logical reason why seemingly every random wants to the take the “”“easy”"" route in Ch1 and then proceeds to get wiped in Ch2 in either the very first room or the final room when the Venom starts coming?
Same for the brakes; do ppl not understand what they do and how to work with them or do they just not care and just want to hit them immediately?

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Card farming maybe?

What is the ‘easy route’ referring to? The path that doesn’t require activating the lifts or fighting two Scions with Bastions and a Juvie mob and leads to the mining tile act?

And I found people used to do such things when The Barracks first released and people didn’t really understand what the venom fans were for. Or they refused trying to fight past the Juvies to get to the second venom fan in the act and waited to die from the rather fast venom while raising the platforms, or attempted to rush past two Mulcher Scions and epicly failed. I’m surprised to see such behavior even now.