The Badass Pack Including

Garron Paduk, Michael Barrick, Alexandra “Alex” Brand, AND a new variant of Bernie and Hoffman: Young Bernie and Young Hoffman. This Should Be A Thing 100%!!! I’m drooling just thinking about it lol.

Perhaps they may be saving some characters for Gears 5 as TC dont want to put all their eggs in one basket.

To be honest I think what characters we will get will depend on these factors:

  1. Time to create
  2. Cost to create
  3. Effort to create
  4. Potential profit

They will overlap but TC will consider the difficulty of creating the character model; time needed to create it; weigh this up against available staff to do this; voice acting (cost and availability of the voice actor, or for some characters like Locust or unnamed generic COG soldier, can existing voice lines be reused?); and also the potential for making money. I don’t think TC will hold on characters just to keep fans excited. There will most likely be another reason. I’d imagine that Locust characters are easier and cheaper cos the dialogue and voices can be recycled. Human characters may need new voice work unless there is already an in game variant.