The Aztec skins WOW. Thank you TC so much

WOW. Bad a.s.s. weapon skins my favorite I can’t wait to complete the set Thank you TC :heart:. A Lowrider skin set would be awesome.

Did they just get put up? i have not signed in on GoW yet today. wait did earlier but didnt see a notification in the store so didnt look.

esports supporter pack 13 with Aztec skins

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sweet, ima have to check them out !

If you keep it up, I am sure TC will make a special set just for you.

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Have you guys looked at the Aztec skins? Wow

Are you sure it’s going to be a complete set? It says it’s an event-specific skin, kinda sounds like it’s only the trio of weapons, like they did with the Overgrown trio.

Overgrown skins look better anyway.

I don’t think they are that good.

Vegas S1 and Mexico S2 are the best supporter weapons so far.


I thought this post was sarcastic judging by the title :joy:


Anyone else and I would think it’s sarcastic but I genuinely believe he is excited for them :sweat_smile:

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@GearsCharacters you should change your name to GearsCharactersAndWeaponSkins.

I’m only playing, I know it’s too long.


Overgrown was a stream Event weapon skin only never through a pack that’s the difference


Wouldn’t that still be too long?

Exactly. These are available in a pack that costs real money which leads me to think this is all there is. They’re not going to release the rest of the set for free and they’re not going to charge real money for Overkills and Enforcers.

I’m sure they can make an exception for him as he is so passionate.

I believe the rest of the skin set we will complete on the Mexico stream esports February

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That’s true.

Anyone have a high quality pic of the skins? They look like the Overgrown set with darker colors.

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Forget the Aztec skins. Where are the flaming skins? Those are way better IMHO.

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