The anti-campaign for Gears 4 and 5 thread

Note: Would like for this not to turn into another feminist thread. This has nothing to do with the fact that the protagonist is a female.

So I know it is an unwritten rule that you have to play the campaign. But I honestly just don’t plan on doing that. 4’s was so dry and boring that I just don’t feel like wasting several hours of my life like that. Unless of course there is a campaign challenge (a-la Gilded Raam).

I think i’ll just head straight to MP


I always play the Gears campaigns for completion sake, but I had almost no interest in Gears 4’s campaign and I doubt I’ll have any interest in Gears 5’s. I could be wrong though - depends if Kate’s tie to the locust is interesting at all. In general though, the characters aren’t as interesting as Marcus/Dom/Baird/Cole/Hoffman.


Gears, to me, has always had a solid campaign.

It will be the first thing I do when I play 5.

Gears 4 again had a good campaign after the first Act.

The twist at the end really got me and I was pumped for the next one because of it!

Story mode is always a good way to learn the mechanics and anything new within gameplay.

It also introduces you to the new weapons at a good pace, giving you a chance to test and get used to them.

Plus, you get to see all the types of enemies and characters.

I think the Story is interesting enough IMO.

If I had to choose between Campaign/Story games or MP games/modes - I’d always choose Story/Campaign based games.

They just offer a far richer experience to me.

But that’s why I’ll play Campaign first:

-I like the Story and would like to see the next part
-get used to new mechanics, feel and gameplay
-test out the new weapons
-see the new characters and swarm characters
-expanded and new locations within the universe
-the new environmental effects & graphics
-the normally excellent cinematic cutscenes

I’m sure amongst other stuff.


story/campaign games is real gaming. Much more enjoyable and has so much depth. MP is just empty compared to story based games or even co-op games.

I’ll play the campaign before MP…




I’ve been gaming since the SNES and had every single console and handheld you can think of.

The only MP games I’ve actually liked:

CoD 4
Killzone 2 & 3

That’s literally it :sweat_smile:

Assuming game unlocks at midnight, I will “go dark” and playthrough on solo hardcore in one sitting.
I will then over the coming weeks, play coop insane with the same buddy I do all campaigns with.

I have done this since Gears 1. I love the campaigns and Lore.

I enjoyed 4 but I do think much lke J’s campaign*, excluding the brilliant Aftermath it is the weakest of the stories. High hopes for 5 though.

  • I did love the Torquebow traps though.

This is actually a pretty good point. I had not thought of it that way before


I’ll play it, as soon as I have the game in my hands(would like to play it from day 1 but I prefer to have a physical disc - these two desires are somewhat conflicting and as such I probably have to renounce on the day 1 thing, unless I would preorder the game and download it digitally{preorders are digital, right? I’ll only do that if anything that is of interest to me is included though} or just buy the digital version once it’s released). I play games mostly for their story content anyway, the MP/Horde modes are just an added bonus ontop of that. I would assume the story of Gears 5 will be great(and look great too - too bad I currently cannot afford a top of the line PC yet so I’ll have to make do with my X and 4k TV which I got for passing my final high school year about two years ago), and I would hope they generally improve on all the characters(and their dialogue - most of it in 4 is just horrible and generic!.. well, for some of the characters anyway). Especially the new ones.

The only thing I don’t like as of yet? The pants they’ve stuck Kait into. I don’t like that kind and I don’t see why they were needed on her(in fact, I don’t see why those kinda were “needed” on any of the female characters - the only possible purpose they could serve was to distract the men which is absolutely not the kind of thing you want when you’re fighting monsters). But that’s a minor detail that can be ignored if it really comes down to it. Still, I preferred her appearance in 4, at least certain parts of it. But this kind of trivial stuff wouldn’t stop me from playing a game.

Honestly David my first assumption based on the title would’ve been something I thought online only PvP elitist scum would say lol :laughing:

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Lol yup. That’s me😂

Where were you btw? I needed you last night lol. Had 4 guys and couldn’t get a 5th

WHAT?! It’s mandatory you complete campaign. That applies to all games, but especially Gears. @III_EnVii_III already covered the reasons so there’s no point in repeating them. But I must enquire…

Are you insane?!

Ooooh, and Myrrah is in it…what more could you ask for?


Myrrah sucks bro

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You’ve made a powerful en…well, you know the rest.

I’ll find you.

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I’ve always seen games as being about the campaign / story and it primarily needs to stand up on that. Anything else like multiplayer is a bonus. Who knows how soon the online multiplayer servers will turn into ghost towns? For some games it happens much sooner than others.


Also the campaign tends to give the multiplayer some context. I just want to know who these characters are. And before anyone asks, yes I’m one of those people who likes some story to my eh… adult video entertainment. What drove this lady into poverty that they have to pay the plumber like this…? :stuck_out_tongue:


You need to see a therapist😂

I’d be playing the Campaign first, on the hardest difficulty there is.

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Yup…guess it’s just me…

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