The Anchor class (Mac) is really, really, REALLY good now

So I just went into a Master Horde match on Clocktower and wanted to try out Mac’s class just for the hell of it. My Anchor is level 19 and I ran with this build:

Barrier Boost (6)
Bullet Chain (2) <— still super strong even at 2
Barrier Feedback (6)
Harness Energy (4)
Barrier Battery (6)

This build is absolutely nutty. The Barrier stays up for damn near an entire wave, and with all the damage it absorbs, your team is constantly getting stimmed thanks to the fantastic Harness Energy, especially if a Mulcher Scion shows up. And with the Barrier Boost buff to 150% size, it’s hilariously long and wide (pause). Nothing gets through it, and with the new passive ability giving 50% extra damage to teammates shooting from behind it, it gets really crazy at that point.

As far as damage, holy moly. With Bullet Chain and speccing into Crit Damage once you can buy perks, you’re literally one shotting Scions if you can chain a couple kills together. Get a Longshot and go to town. The Anchor is right up there with Marksman/Fahz once he gets going!

Try this out for yourself, it’s super fun being a true tank and keeping your team up on the later waves.


I knew this Class was gonna be something special this OP when I saw more people using it

It works with a Tri Shot?? Oh man. Now my goal is to get it to level 6 for sure, I want to see this for myself.

Good feedback you mentioned about the harness energy card . It could make the nomad armoured shot a viable option on the harder difficulties now as it wasn’t really worth running before. Cheers, 80% bleed with the talon is fun to an extent aswell.

I only use Ammo Regen and Resistances for my Perks, i like the extra challenge when using Anchor, also, more Energy for the Engineer.

As for the Skill Cards, i think mainly using the Barrier Cards also takes some of the challenge away. Mix it up a little. Unless of course you are one of them that is in a rush to complete, to start all over again.

But, yes, the Anchor is a good Class. So far, it is the only Class i have played since OP 5 started. I need to find an alternative to Engineering :frowning:

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It’s nice to see the class got buffed to be viable in Masters. I never really lvled Mac before but now I kinda want too.