The amount of people complaining about lack of PvE in the most recent What’s Up is disgusting

NOTE: this isn’t calling out the PvE community as a whole, but just the small portion of that community who are degrading the Gears community as a whole. This goes to you PvP people as well. Sorry for not making this more clear

I get you guys are frustrated, but you just had a MASSIVE update with the OP 4 release patch. Pretty much every single change in that patch was focused on general fixes or were PvE exclusive, literally probably about 75% of it was just PvE changes. Let the PvP fans get some love too. I’m sure if someone went in and said “ugh no one gives a ■■■■ about PvE why did they even bother posting this” you’d fight them in the street about it. As someone who enjoys both sides, I get how you could be frustrated when you don’t get what you want or what you feel needs to be fixed. But let’s not pretend that we’re the only group that exists and matters. Whatever problem you feel is plaguing PvE, I can assure you that PvP has things just the same that they’ve been wanting to get fixed for months, and for a lot of those, they just were. So let them have their moment if pride and excitement, as you all did in the OP 4 release patch. I’m sure whenever TC has something to talk about in regards to PvE, they’ll say something. These PvP changes have probably been in the works for months, and just took until now to compile and release, just as PvE got the OP 4 changes that were probably months in the making.

Have some empathy and understanding, and be happy that the other side of the fan base got what they’ve been asking for, and vice versa. After all, we are all fans of the same game, and want it to be the best it can be for everyone. It’s not right getting angry when someone else gets what they’ve been asking for, especially when you already got a huge amount of changes that basically gave you a brand new game to play. If you don’t care about PvP, fine, you don’t have to. But don’t be so sour and negative about it.

As a side note, I’m pretty sure PvE and PvP teams work independently. So getting TC to focus less on PvP isn’t going to allow for more PvE content. It’s just gonna mean less PvP content. PvE team will still crank out their patches and fixes at the same pace. Also have some decency and remember WE ARE STILL IN QUARANTINE AND WORK FROM HOME! So give them a bit of consideration because no doubt it’s a lot harder to patch stuff out when in this predicament. So if you feel it’s taking too long, remember they are not at peak operating capacity.


You’re dumb if you didn’t think pvp isn’t the main focus of gears and has been since release date for every gears :rofl::rofl::rofl: the gnasher changes weekly man!


Everything since the launch of this game has been about pvp buddy. Op4 was the only significant update for the pve fans. Everybody knows that gow or gears is about pvp and has been since the 1st gow.


Of all the Gears titles, this one has the highest pve offering imo. So much so that maybe that’s why there were so few pvp maps at launch, much to the chagrin of pvp players. I think pve players have a lot to be thankful for and hopefully they’ll get their due attention in a reasonable time.

This is coming from a pvp/pve player.


Maybe fix server stability so everyone is not dropping every second and third game before doing content.

You PvP peeps get a major update nearly every week…


There is a major difference between “exclusive” and “75%”.

Both of the 2 above quotes sound hypocritical when you consider that your subject - “The amount of people complaining about lack of PvE in the most recent What’s Up is disgusting”

If somebody who would like at least 25% acknowledgement after somebody else get 25% in op4 (according to you) and then 100% in What’s Up then if you had empathy for them then “disgusting” is a little harsh don’t you think?


And even they are fed up with the game changing each week.

It’s part of the reason why I stopped playing VS, each time I take it seriously it’s a completely different game. At least with PvE I know, “JD go boom” which hasn’t changed since launch.

It changed some - it was “JD go BOOM!!!”

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Well “JD goes boom.” changed and will change a lot. Nowadays his father is pretty active. And Fahz. And Lizzie. And Clayton. And Paduk.
Engineers feels themselves useless…
You can buy nearly everything from the Fab from OP4.
From OP5, there will be a new, non Hero system.

Why can’t the What’s Up posts talk about both at the same time? They’re not mutually exclusive.

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Engineers aren’t useless. I love having an engineer as much as I love not being obligated to have an engineer.

Cheaper fortifications, ability to fix fortifications without dropping 5k, ability to move fortifications fast and overclock all make them wonderful.

Everybody being able to revive each other didn’t hurt Jack. Everybody being able to fire Lancers didn’t hurt Marcus and everybody being able to fire boomshots didn’t hurt JD or Keegan.

It’s mostly like it was in GoW 4 now. Gears 5 gets compared to GoW 4 a lot with the insinuation that GoW 4 was better. Now that they’ve incorporated something that was right from GoW 4 it may be a shock but it was good then and it’s good now.

Possibly engineers may need a little extra in the way of turret damage and maybe they should get perks now but they’re not ruined. They may (or may not ) be out of balance - although in GoW4 (where everybody could build and upgrade too) it was very difficult to get more kills than the engineer. They usually outstripped by a large margin after they got going.

I know if you loved playing engineer then it must’ve felt disappointing to not get as many upgrades as some of the other hero’s but the pain of that disapointment may be obfuscating the realities I mention above and as often and as much as they’ve changed to correct mistakes then it’s possible they could keep correcting.

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No… I don’t like being an Engineer.
In GoW4 I was usually a Soldier or a Scout.

I was usually a soldier or a sniper. I’m very happy to be able to do that now and to be able to make & upgrade a weapons locker if all I’ve got on my team are ai. I’ll try and have empathy if an engineer feels useless but I don’t think that they are useless. They could get buffed and stuff would get better for them. I also wouldn’t mind playing one after I’ve maxed out my favorite guys. They’re still a great help since energy is more important than ever with perks being useful now.

The gnasher changing weekly is what I have been saying. All I read is, “stupid gnasher is trash garbage”, “stupid TC and their broken game. fix the gnasher blah blah blah” , “the gnasher is inconsistent” Just because people are getting bested in the game and there are so many other variables having to do with it…Anyway. Although I agree with the title of the thread, I am really hoping this feedback playlist is FINALLY going to shut the complainers up. There will be pve updates eventually, people just have to be patient.


I get that there’s a lot of people pissed about the recent what’s up. But you have to understand that in the 9 months this game has been established PvP has been the general focus of the game because “it’s the most vocal”

I play both PvP and PvE.

Almost everything in PVP is fine right now. The gnasher is back to eight shots,we can use whatever character we want, we can actually EARN GC from playing ranked modes and generally the modes are getting a lot of love and care put into them and there’s an abundance of modes for the PVP players to enjoy.

But on the PVE side there’s been almost no fixes in the weeks update since launch,we’ve had the same hive in escape for 3 weeks which I think is intentional?nobody can complete their medal list for horde because one of the medals is bugged to sh** and dropping a ticket doesn’t help AT ALL. We’ve also had horde frenzy for three weeks which is fine but this reduced everyone to Custom lobbies just to play the regular 1-50 and as most of you know the people who create those lobbies set restrictions they make horde feel more like a chore than a fun mode.

The frenzy maps (though a welcome edition I guess?) are lazily put together. Both of them so far have been circles with little to no cover and enemy spawn rooms on each side of the map. which on higher difficulties is basically a death penalty so everyone will either move to regular horde frenzy lobbies or custom making the tile map lobbies empty.

I get that PVP is still not up to par with the players standards, but the amount of love it’s been getting since launch of this game is absurd. It doesn’t need anymore fixes for a while and most people complaining just either can’t clutch up or don’t have stable connections so they blame TC. The horde changes have been amazing but I’m sorry. Dropping 1 character into PVE (out of like 7 or 8? Including the incoming characters) and the same mode on some poorly made tile maps isn’t going to just make everyone forget about the amount of bugs and lack of content on the PVE side of things. Most people aren’t even mad about the content lack, it’s the fact that TC won’t even mention the issues plaguing PVE right now in the what’s up. They’re acting like it doesn’t even exist actually they haven’t said a damn thing. Not that I know of.


PvE is completely bugged and deserves some sort of update or at least acknowledgement from TC that “yes we know we broke it.”

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They are trying to cater to the cry babies who die in versus and complain about the gnasher every day. Im a big fan of escape and dont like how it has been thrown in the back seat since op4. However im not going to complain because I’m sure in time pvE players will get the attention they are asking for. Maybe once they roll out this developer feedback Playlist they will start working on PvE issues. Im sure it will happen, just gotta be more patient so the cry babies can be satisfied first.

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I honestly wish they would get rid of everything PvE. Only focus on PvP.

As someone who leans more to PvE over PvP (I play both, but PvE is more fun for me) I’ll say this personally, I’ve give nothing but praise to operation 4, I agree we’ve had some great changes implemented for horde, its way more fun and a lot less grindey than it was before op4 and I’m happy with it, I refuse to be grouped with the complainers, the small quality of life changes alone have improved gameplay massively in PvE, like e.g being able to chainsaw sires…

But I say this contrary to what the elitists are saying about PvP being the main focus of the Gears games, simply not the case, might’ve been true in your xbox 360 parties or private lobbies in Gears 1 amoungst yourselves, but that isn’t fact, if we were to have a F2P Gears game solely PvP versus it would flop massively, multiplayer is an extension to the Campaign and piggy backs off of it.

This post is pretty rich considering pretty much the whole of Gears 4s life-span was spent on weapon tuning and versus :joy: