The Ambush - Escape Map

Thoughts on the new Escape Hive, The Ambush?

I found it a bit harder than The Malfunction, but not by too much.

There’s a Boomshot early on, plus Longshots before the saferoom (although one of the spawns you get is Snipers, so can get Longshots earlier depending on enemy encounter); and plenty of ammo. Fahz and/or Keegan are the obvious choices but I’ve done it on master using one or the other and with a mixture of other characters (Emile, Cole, Clayton, Kait, Paduk).

Basically someone needs to watch the rear for the Juvie spawns, but it was straightforward.

Also, a little warning if using Fahz’s X-Ray vision, be mindful of when the Scions have their reflective shield up! I made the mistake of downing myself - from Fahz’s perspective they appear in purple so it’s not obvious when the blue shield is up! :smiley:

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Beat it on Insane with @Hu1k_Daddy and @avaramis after a few goes.

The juvies can be countered with Coles melee immunity. Fahz is great for quick kills, and Clay is great for wiping a room quickly when needing to push and for surviving at the end.

Master seems like it could be a bit difficult if not communicating well.


Yeah. It’s all about someone taking the initiative to watch the rear. It’s not an exciting job, but absolutely essential. Keegan and Fahz or whoever can kill easily if they are safe.

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When does it trigger? Is it as soon as they take any damage or do they have to be put on low health to trigger the shield like the Healing Scions modifier requires? And does it also reflect bleed damage(not great for a Kait or Keegan, or even Mac or JD)?

I plan on trying this hive on Incon or Master soon, tomorrow perhaps, but am uncertain on which character I should choose for it. Kait relies on there being a Grenadier spawning right at the beginning. My Fahz doesn’t really have high leveled skills. And Keegan, while getting a Boomshot at the beginning of the hive, as well as some frags, seems squishy for when you need to push…

It’s triggered by their health dropping below a certain threshold. I couldn’t tell you exactly at what point - maybe 50%? Having said that Fahz with strong enough cards and active reloads can one-shot the Scions so it’s a bit of a non-issue really. Plus there’s no energy health regeneration in any form so any damage you do stays.

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After taking damage they activate it after a short delay.

Edit: May well be because we damaged them a ton quickly. @Bleeding_Pepperis likely correct.

Did Masters as Cole with a Keegan, and a Mac, on my second try. The Keegan was tearing it up though. I stayed useful by cleaning up on juvies, and pouncers, stray drones, getting revives, and used my ult to get us out of a jam with the scions on the last stretch. Definitely had an easier time than I did on Malfunction which I didn’t master until a few days later. Then again, maybe I just had better teammates, who knows? It was a pretty smooth run, but only got us to 8%. I wonder if it will move up at all or if I will need try again with one of the sniper characters and to go for headshots instead to get up to 5%.


Well, I got my answer then.

I’m not too much of a fan of the Incendiary Juvies. Just seems counterintuitive to have to keep in mind that the little buggers drop an Incendiary as they die which seems to have potential to insta down a player on higher difficulties if caught in the initial blast. Not sure if the flames themselves are that damaging or kill DBNOs quickly. So you can’t really melee kill them very easily without risking yourself.

But why don’t they just take the Shock and Incendiary Popper featured only in the Campaign so far and put those in?

Just to add, the reflective shields don’t last long - I haven’t counted but I think it lasts about as long as Clayton’s does - so 6 seconds. It’s not much of a problem unless you’re super careless.

6 seconds could be enough for that Mulcher to close in and wipe the floor with your team though. Certainly wouldn’t be much of an issue with say, a Dropshot Scion.

I did a Masters run with Cole and Fahz I was Kait.

It definitely felt harder than the malfunction but it was certainly not a cakewalk.

I’m legit amazed how Cole players continue to try to dash after being shot at with increased stopping power. It was legit comical seeing them freeze in place and try to dash.

Have someone watch the flank and you’ll be alright.

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Can we also talk about why there is only 15 extra skill cards unlike the usual 30?


Yes. I would also like to know why this has been changed, and whether its a bug or a feature.


The Malfunction has 30 bonus skills so my assumption here is that it’s bugged just like the absent/reduced leaderboard rewards for Ambush/Malfunction.


It’a easier than The Malfunction but with the right formation.

I’ve tried it with multiple characters combinations, but the right one that can pull it from the first or the second try even in public where there is no comms was: Cole, Fahz, and Keegan/Kait.

I was only guiding the team in public about the juvies waves pattern and doing my job as Fahz or Cole.

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Definitely easier than the malfunction. We ran Cole, Kait, and Mac. Not bad at all. Second half is super easy and quick.

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The first half is the hard part. After the safe room, it is a lot easier as you have more room to work with.


Yup. I prefer the sniper load out over the hunter one. Long shot ammo becomes abundant, but more importantly you get a drop shot scion vs a mulcher scion. Makes it easy to skip the last room and just run to the safe room.

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That Mulcher Scion sucks. He makes that last room a nightmare.

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Agreed. Especially when he’s reflecting damage. Drop shot scion is easy to avoid.

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