The Ally system

Is it actually supposed to be feasible to get a Level 5 ally?
What about Four Level 5 allies then?

I’ve played with the same friend for over 300 hours and we barely got to level 4 which isn’t even half of the total requirement (11.000 xp out of 26.000), and we’ve done everything in the game together (Finished all Escapes, All Hordes, The entire Campaign on Insane) etc.

Am I doing something wrong or is there a faster way to get ally xp?
Is there any chance it could be lowered?


It’s ridiculous. I’m at level 3 with 3 friends and we’re at a point were we’re starting to get sick of each other! :grin:


Give it 3 years


this will allow them to have another type of event , Triple ally progression,

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Like many many things in this game, it needs adjustments.


I’d have murdered my GOW friends if I had to grind with them for 3 whole years! And I’d get more than 3 years (as in prison time) for that! :grinning: Sometimes for friendships to flourish you gotta have time apart!

the game doesnt deserve to wait for 3 years…

This game has fallen apart in 3 months -.-

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let’s hope man at least it could get a little better with Operation 2 … I have slight hope on that.

You also need to play for 3 years

If it doesnt get interesting the game I won’t , I can’t man… it wouldn’t deserve my full attention.

You just need to join your ally in everything. You don’t need to give it attention. I seen it allot.

A decent way to get Allies points is to play Guardian in Co-op vs. AI. Otherwise just continue to play horde on Beginner difficulty.

Not really counting on a fix for it though, since they haven’t even bothered to fix the broken achievements for the PC version of the game.

Yeah, apparently the fastest method is Coop vs AI but it’ll still take a ridiculous amount of time.

Ya they reduced the first and second level up requirements. I am waiting till they do the last 3 levels or I will never even attempt this.

Now that I’m playing more escape than anything (I need to complete the hunters for my ToD reward) I feel that I’ll never get 4 allies full level xD . It’s like I need to have team A and team B to play escape and that is boring. I supposse that I’ll be playing guardian with trueachievements members when I want to unlock this achievement someday

If you want to boost Ally-Xp the “best way” to do it is Playin Dodgeball or Guardian against AI.
You’ll get 30 or 32 Points per Game. It still is one hell of a Grind but it’s the most efficient way right now. With that being said, IMO i find it ridiculous that Ally XP isnt based on Difficulty you get 150 Points for a Beginner tru Master Horde.

Not for me. I can’t find games with friends, so how am I supposed to level that up…