The aim assist on some lower difficulties is bugged on horde

So some time ago I noticed the aim assist is weird on some of the lower difficulties. I now specifically know that on Experienced, Advanced, and Intermediate, the aim assist works in such a way so that when fighting deebee enemies and some others, if the cursor is on their head, the shots will gravitate towards center mass, therefore often missing the head. This is not an issue on the other difficulties. I have an easier time hitting the weakpoints even on many of the harder difficulties.

A quick fix I found is to turn off aim assists for more consistency. I’m making this post to raise awareness on the issue. I made a post similar to this, but it didn’t see much traffic so I’m trying again to see if I can get more people to see it.

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I have not an English interface and did not bother about this aim assist option (although I play a lot this game).
Could you show me where this option is in the settings (picture of interface in English) ?
I don’t play a lot with longshot except with my combat medic to level him up when there is the boost mutator in the daily. And therefore did to notice what you described (I play sometimes on lower difficulty to get daily stars quicker)

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It’s found under ‘Game’ and then go to ‘Aim Assist’.

Game is the second from the top on the left hand side. On the ‘game’ selection menu, it will be the third from the top for aim assist. You can toggle it on and off.

I have noticed the aim assist discrepancy with weapons like the Lancer and the Markza too. I think it might be affecting all the guns.

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Tks. I will have a look at the Xbox menu if it looks the same in FR.

Aim assist is broken as (2 people intercourse) here.

I’m just hoping they fix it.

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Just checked and i play without this it. This why I did not notice this « body attraction » on lower difficulty.
If I have the opportunity to test it I will let you know.

Just keep in mind that this phenomenon is most prevalent with specific enemies. The aim assist works more consistently with many of the drones.

Aim assist in 3rd person games mostly suck and I turn it off any chance I get this game is no exception.

The issues are on any difficulty forcing you to shoot at main mass when it’s not suppose to, other times you get aim resist where it actually slightly pushes you off the enemy and the worst is when your shooting at a enemy and another enemy passes by and it lingers to the other enemy as you shoot the air.

Good aim assist should just be the aim acceleration slowing down when passing over a enemy, the RE remakes give this option and it’s perfect.

I find the aim assist pretty helpful on the higher difficulties. It’s just on those 3 aforementioned difficulties where it doesn’t work properly.