The aim assist bug is still here 5/25/2021, video in link

So the aim assist bug is still here. There are two captures that I have that show this.

This is on advanced. I aim for the head, but shots gravitate towards the body. In the video I demonstrate the difference between having aim assist on and off.

This is on Elite. I try the same thing but notice how there’s a difference in how the shots behave. It’s more consistent.

This bug affects most of the guns and is most prominent with deebees. Please raise awareness on this if you can. Thank you.

If you’re having trouble seeing the videos, try this link:

It will be the first two on the top labeled 5/19/2021

Aim assist against Deebees corrects shots towards body instead of head where player was aiming on intermediate, experienced and advanced difficulties with aim assist on.

At least they acknowledged it. Now if only they would do the same with Ghostmelee and boss-hitboxes.

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Hopefully. I figured that they would have fixed this by this Tuesday today but no luck so far. Just gotta wait and hope I suppose.