The agony of random engineers

Edit: Was supposed to be a gif but oh well.

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Thanks Rez. Much appreciated lol.

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@GhostofDelta2 Yeah I guess those edits are fair lol.


I wonder if his thought is 1 locker per person lol, but it’s only wave 7.

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On the positive side at least it’s not all sentries.



We wiped on wave 10 because no one had enough ammo lol.

My silverback almost killed the flock. But reasons.

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Thanks for not blocking my entire sight line with it like the last guy by the way. Not that it would’ve mattered since I was down to my boltok at that point.

You’re still up meaning we could be running hives rn.


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Nah my guy I’m watching the matrix. That’s very important you know.

I just couldn’t sleep, and I know if I start playing gears I’ll never go to bed. Got a big weekend ahead of me hehehe

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More like the agony of 50 wave Horde at the start with the small amount of starting power while Power Drain is being a pit. You can also add an a to that and figure out what the other meaning I had in mind is.

Or simply the agony of Level 1 lockers because they load things so terribly slowly regardless of the Overclock boosts applied. Side note, why did TC remove the Overclock effect on lockers being displayed visually like it was in Gears 4, and the % of the boost if you activated Tac Com?

@RezRoller09 Call it a hunch but I have a feeling the Silverback either has a weapon bug where the Tri-Shot does a pitiful amount of damage for no reason, or it sucks against Flocks, but I seem to have more trouble shooting those nuisances down than any other enemy with the Silverback. Well, except sometimes a Matriarch or Swarmak.


Hey bro,

Do the locks still have the 10% reload reduction on Master?

I haven’t tested it in some months so was curious.


I’ve never seen anyone say this. So I can’t speak to it. All I know is the Level 1 reload is agonizingly slow and the only character I don’t need anything higher than Level 2 on for the locker is Kait with two Overkills and the Gnasher.


I appreciate the response. Yea this was a test I did awhile back with some certain weapons and a stop watch.

So I am not surprised that no one else had said anything. Lol. Yea I love doing tests.

But thanks anyway.


“i’d prefer upgrading one locker to start, to share as need be, so the weapons reload fast.”

You could say something. If they ignore you so be it, you did your part.

I was busy, and didn’t notice until he’d put out two lockers and was preparing to buy a third. I can’t type very fast with an Xbox controller man.

You don’t happen to have a USB keyboard around? When I’m not using my PC I have that one plugged in and it works perfectly fine. As long as I don’t miss any keys or hit the wrong ones while trying to type quickly and/or not looking at it. If I do it sometimes makes it look like I don’t know how to spell properly.

Sadly no. I don’t have a pc, only laptop. Unless there’s some way to use that to type in game in some crazy way I’d never figure out myself lol.