The ACTUAL problem with ranking

…is too many people playing in tiers they don’t belong in. We’ve all KINDA been saying that forever but it’s more specific to how we are ranked ourselves. In reality, at least in silver where I’m currently stuck, the issue is a) too many strong players who should be way higher and b) too many weak players who should be way lower. How else do you explain the fact that every KoTH has one or two guys go off with like 13,000+ pts and two or three guys who are >4000pts? It’s like the only factor TC uses is total skill sum of all players and it’s just not working. There’s no consistency between the ten players in any given game it feels like.


People also say they are far better than they really are. Some.say there worse.

Play with a decent team consistently, n its no real issue from what ive seen. Some ups n downs but playin well, winning games… ull climb.

Solo its a mess i find.

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Well…I mean yeah people will always complain about their own rank but don’t misunderstand me. I’m not saying that the problem is a lot of people thinking they are where they don’t belong, I’m saying that people identify that as the problem and they’re wrong. The actual problem is that in each individual game (regardless of rank, btw) there is not consistency in the production of all ten players. Obviously you can’t expect ten guys to have within 500 pts of each other. Sometimes someone goes bananas, sometimes someone really struggles. But that doesn’t account for the fact that just about every single game (of KoTH anyway, my primary game type) has one or two guys who are just so clearly WAYYYYY better than everybody else, and one or two guys that can barely beat the training grounds tutorial. There are just players who don’t belong in games with each other being consistently put in games with each other.

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If u play support role, ur stats r consistant. If u play slayer, ur sttats ur consistant (more or less. Hypothetically) for a team.

The problem with solo is some games u get support players n u dont have to. Other games, i have to lancer cause 4 teammates r braindead rushin in with gnasher with no thought… again, the issue is solo… it forces my stats all over the place … well players do. Not the games fualt really.

The issue is players suck at gears… no… sorry, they suck at team.based shooters…

But i agree with many points… many players r placed with people they shouldnt be. Also a gold player may bring a brand new never played before guest in ranked as example… so ya… there is gumna be descrepencies.

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I do mostly play solo. I only have two friends who play gears anyway, and they don’t really like gears 5, so I’m stuck playing by myself all the time.

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