The Active reload of the lancer is very necessary

I just personally was always someone who like the active because it just felt ike such a cool concept to add in a game.Not gonna lie it feels way to easy to hit the active in Gears 5,which is also why I was saying that they should at least make the active a little harder to hit so this way it feels a lot more fair.Which is also why I referenced gears 1 because in that game the white bar for the active was way smaller(at least thats how it felt for me)so therefore it made the active a little harder to get.If they make the active harder to land than I think that should help the whole balancing issue but then again I keep seeing how lots of people hate the Gnasher so that seems to be the main main issue and if thats the case than remove the active benefits from the Gnasher.But then again thats just my say on this.

it is necessary, i’m assuming you also talking about damage boost, it’s necessary for PvE, not PVP

TC fixed the problem they themselves made and in the end it’s still worse.

Gears 4 made it so that active reloads gave a boost to your whole clip rather than just the bullets you reloaded, making actives much more frequent, available longer and harder to plan for, since anyone sitting in cover could get a full clip anytime and may or may not give you a voice line.

Gears 6 tried to fix this issue by dropping the Gnasher to six shells instead of eight and lowering Lancer damage significantly. When that didn’t take, they brought both weapons back to Gears 4 levels but removed their active benefits entirely.

Had they not drastically changed the way actives worked in the first place, this fix wouldn’t have been needed. Gears 6 should go back to how actives worked in Gears 1-3, and only add the active bonuses to shots you refill, rather than the whole clip.