The Active reload of the lancer is very necessary

The lancers of gears 5 need a lot the active reload of the lancer.







I would prefer greatly that actives did nothing but provide a faster reload maybe or adding individual shells on the gnasher etc.

NO more weapon damage boosts just be reloading.

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But the whole point of an active reload was to make it improve your gun for a limited time.I say just make the active reload harder to land.

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Active everything other than the shotgun.

Don’t mind that being off as there’s already enough bulshite with it


Right but are people wanting to keep this for any other reason than nostalgia?
If it wasn’t in Gears 1 would this be a welcomed feature?

Guns getting a boost due to a reload just leads to imbalance real or perceived.
It makes no sense(it’s a video game i know but)
I just don’t see what it added. One of the good decisions from judgment was active granting no advantages.

The active is there.

OH MY BAD, you meant active reload AND damage boost.



But remember how in gears 1 the active reload window was way smaller and therefore more hard to get?At least that’s how it felt for me,but I feel like if that gets put back in than the active would be much more rewarding.That’s just my thoughts,I’m personally not against the active giving a damage boost since that’s what it did in gears 1 and I feel like it should be kept that way,plus the idea of getting a damage boost from hitting a small window while reloading just feels like a unique feature not seen in other games as far as I know(once again,just my opinion🙂).

Just hit your shots lol


I’d I like this so u can run a Cronus script to auto active reload every time at the tap of rb only :3 make it frame perfect by milliseconds so I have a hacking advantage over everyone I like the idea.

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I actually liked the recoil the Lancer used to have and the sound when you got an active on it sounded great!

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LOL, so basically …cause Gears 1.

We gotta upgrade as humans eventually man.

Get past it.

I’d be happy if they added the design and sound effect from the active minus the damage. It feels so satisfying to hear/watch.

I’m not saying this because of nostalgia, im saying this cause that’s how it was in the ORIGINAL,THE FIRST GAME.And like I said, in the first game,at least for me,the active was harder to get since the window to get the active was much smaller and overall harder to see.If people really got a problem with the active just go back to that Gears 1 style.It people got a problem with the Gnasher(which seems to be the case) than just make the Gnasher not get any benefits from the active other than a faster reload.Problem solved👍🏻

Oh and by the way, I don’t need to evolve as a human anymore,I’m already an alpha male.


[näˈstaljə, nəˈstaljə]
a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.

Hopefully Alpha’s don’t get in their butthurt feel feels so much that they completely prove themselves wrong as soon as they type something.

Very “alpha”


I SAID"I’m not saying this because of nostalgia"And in all my other posts I never said that is was all cause of nostalgia and if I did say ITS BECAUSE OF NOSTALGIA than please qoute it.
I could care less about that.Im saying this because the first game had this whole idea of hitting the reload button on a small white bar while reloading and if you managed to hit it,you got a boost to your gun.And that to me is one of the things that makes this franchise in terms of gameplay a lot more unique.(ONCE AGAIN JUST MY OPINION :slight_smile:)

hey bro, you literally described NOSTALGIA .

SO, it really doesn’t matter if you ever SAID you wanted nostalgia.

Example. it’s like me saying I want bread with tomato sauce on it and cheese and meat toppings AND then someone else saying…OH, you want some pizza.

And then me…saying I NEVER said i wanted pizza. I just want bread with…lol

You were wrong.

Not saying you were wrong for wanting active reload.
YOU ARE WRONG, however, regarding whether you wanted NOSTALGIA for the sake of NOSTALGIA.

It adds nothing to the game. It is just there…because it was in gears 1

No offense tho, I was just giving you a hard time the first comment. lol

I just really hate active reload, forgive me