The 700 medal club

Since day 1 if you have completed every tour of duty medal in every operation till date without fail, you have completed a total of 700 medals. The count breakdown is as follows…

Op 1 - 57
Op2 - 85
Op3 - 73
Op4 - 85
Op5 - 91
Op6 - 98
Op7 - 107
Op8 - 104

Having a unique reward for sustaining this would have been really great but since there isn’t any, its just a matter of completion pride to have sustained 100% tour completion in every operation (General rank is pretty much guaranteed if you completed all the medals and your 5 daily objectives for 2 to 3 weeks without spending any iron).

While I have personally completed all medals in all 8 operations (screenshots attached below), if anyone else has done so, congratulations on being a part of the 700 medal club.

Gears 5 3_29_2020 8_53_42 AM Gears 5 08-Jul-20 8_09_42 AM Gears 5 12_11_2019 8_10_30 AM Gears 5 12-May-21 2_22_38 PM Gears 5 13-Oct-21 9_23_49 PM Gears 5 14-Nov-20 11_05_44 AM Gears 5 24-Feb-21 9_34_12 AM Gears 5 28-Jul-21 10_35_13 PM


Well done! Congratulations.

Would have been great to have seen a tangible reward in game but anyway.

I only managed to complete all the medals and Tour once in Op3 so to do it in all 8 operations is a great effort.

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Thx… I just kept at it thinking there might be something once they announced that op 8 was going to be the last op where there would be rewards and something big to finish things off.

Sadly that wasn’t meant to be. Once op 8 ends, I am done grinding any daily objectives or tour medals moving forward. I intend to focus more on other games that I havent played a lot of in my Steam library for a change as this grind has taken a toll on me.


Congrats :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:t2:

I got 100% medals on op 1, 2, 3 and this op. Op 4 with 98%

TC should have given something as a prize for 100% every ToD (Even if it’s only a banner)

That’s nice.

You should get 700 coins.


I know right… like Gears 3 seriously. You complete all the onyx medals to get the Seriously medal which was worth 25000 XP and seeing that reward felt like utter crap when all the other onyx medals combined were probably worth like 500k XP or even more (idk exact number).

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Quite impressive. Unfortunately there’s isn’t a reward for having done any of that. Or any record of it on the stats.

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