The 4 new characters show how much thought TC put into this game

Why are the 4 new characters equally priced both in iron and unlock time. The cog gear gives you 2 skins and can be played in all gamemodes. The deebee comes with one skin and can only be played in one gamemode and they cost the same. This goes for the locust aswell like wtf is goin through their heads?



I understand your point but still: you can get them for free.
Also I’m happy that if you want to buy them they’re for € 5.-. I think that’s a decent price for a skin/character. If they keep that price tag I’d definitely consider buying a skin, if I like it.


Yes, but they shouldn’t be the same price or unlock time, u get less content. Imagine if they charged u the same for an animated weapon skin and a bloodspray of poo or made u play 10 hours for each.


I can agree on the price, as for example you will never be able to play with Swarm characters as much as COG characters. I’m predominantly an Escape/Horde player, so I don’t get to use those skins often. But with game time we should be happy that it’s for free anyway. I for example got RAAM without even realising it, so apparently it’s not that difficult to get them
Last time I checked the weapon skins in the store, all of them had a ridiculous high price. Not that I’m bothered with buying weapon skins anyway, but character skins for € 5.- is good in my opinion.

I believe the cog is perfectly priced and the playtime is fine. I’m just annoyed that they couldn’t be bothered with adjusting the cost and playtime to suit each indvidual character based on what they come with.


You get Raam automatically if you earned Gilded Raam.


I don’t see the issue, I set the one totem on and I’ll just play normally until it unlocks


U don’t see the issue? Oof

U get less but do the exact same work.

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Aha, oke. Thanks for clearing!

The real question is ‘Are we only gonna get 4 characters per operation?’ I’ve seen a picture multiple times showing Lizzie and Paduk in the character selection of Escape, but if we’re only going to get 4 characters every 3 months when a new operation rolls around it’s gonna take forever to get some of the ones we want.

…I originally thought the argument for the store existing was that it was ONLY cosmetics. Doesn’t this break that defense?

I mean…isn’t the idea of them putting weapons in the store now an actual valid idea to present? I get it, you can earn them…sure…but I’m at a complete loss as to why there isn’t universal backlash against this. When it’s just skins and stuff, I totally understand why people defend it, but usually their defense is, “it’s just cosmetics” …now it’s characters.


Yup and it will get worse. This game is being ran as a free to play. These devs really like to sizzle the t pot.

Don’t buy there ■■■■. And you are fine. As soon as they get that no one is buying there ■■■■, and no one is unlocking there ■■■■, they will change it. It will take time, because they are stupid and ■■■■■■■■. But in next 3-4 years they will change their ■■■■… :smiley:

You aren’t getting less you’re just being lazy and want things handed to you


I’m not sure as when TC explained how this whole character deal would work, they did say you could either earn characters or purchase to obtain them immediately.

Though this does not mean the store prices should be as ridiculous as they are now. They were already lowered, yes, but I’m not sure if it was enough. Note that this is regarding weapon skins, emotes and such.


I am not a fan of how hard all the characters/skins are to obtain… 16 escapes and 50 waves of hord alone is too much time to me. A game of hord can last a couple hours I feel at times . To me it just feels they are trying to make it difficult for people who don’t have a ton of time to unlock things for free and the limited run of these characters will force people to just pay for them with microtransactions. Though it’s not perfect, I still prefer this over the loot box. I hope they later have easier challenges to unlock characters /skins. I get it being a challenge so some things are designed to be harder but making them a grind isn’t fun

A full Horde game at least on lower diffs is about 1hr 45 to 2hrs. You can probably kinda do it quicker than that with a coordinated squad, but probably not in randoms. Still, I don’t think that’s so bad, albeit I am only really a Horde player so maybe my perception is warped. Comparably the 9 Escapes (18 Acts IIRC, thus 9 Escapes) is more annoying, even though it’s probably much shorter if you just pick and speedrun a hive.

Even if they release 4 characters every Operations, I can see they’re trying to prolong the game’s lifespan by encouraging people to come back to playing it every seasons for new characters.

Do you know how grindy it is to max out a Horde character’s cards to Level 5’s? It could take weeks or months. So I’d rather not be overloaded with too many characters to play and max out completely. Yes, weeks or months for a single character completely max out level and cards. And we have how many characters?

It took me a whole month to max out Escape. And Horde could take 2 months.