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The #1 Issue: Lack Of Content

While I have some personal gripes with the general gameplay (slow movement, aim assist, lancers slightly too strong, etc.), this game’s biggest flaw is the abysmal amount of launch content.

The drip-feeding, Fortnite-esque approach isn’t inherently bad, imo, but if they were going to go that route, then they should’ve launched with a larger pool of content. Instead, the game became stale after a week, and the player-base plummeted. While the massive drop-off in player count could be attributed to a myriad of things, I guarantee that this is the biggest reason why. TC shot themselves in the foot.

I think in a year’s time, once a sufficient amount of content has rolled out, this game will actually be quite good. The problem is that, by the time we get there, most people won’t care. Too little, too late.


They have released the game as a continuous beta.


I agree with you wholeheartedly. Most games as a service that have come out with little to no content and had planned to drip feed them to us have turned into literal ghost towns. See Sea of thieves, Anthem, Fallout76 for some good examples. They had their own bunch of issues that didn’t help, sure, but lack of content was one of the primary reasons for their failures.

What kinds of content do you guys mean? I’ll give you guys maps and characters for sure, but I can’t think of much any other content that’s actually “missing”.

This is how Gears 4 was too at launch so I guess I just wasn’t expecting any different from TC and was thus not disappointed lol.

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We have Delivery Driver Mac. What other content do we need? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Well I can’t speak for the others but the content I’m personally referring to are the maps. Too little of them came out during launch and has made versus a bit stale. And the amount of maps that they plan on releasing are too little in too large of a timeframe imo. Others are also complaining about the lack of characters but personally I think it’s fine.

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Forgot about that. Please excuse me while I go into my chambers and give myself 10 lashes for my ignorance.

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Yeah I agree with this. It does feel pretty bad going from 2 maps a month on Gears 4 to… I don’t even know. Have they even talked about how often they plan to release even 1 new map on Gears 5?

Well the first batch is in December and they’ll be releasing 2. So that’s 2 in 3 months. That would’ve been fine IF the game would’ve released with an adequate amount of maps to begin with, at least 10-12 instead of the 6-7.


Yeah, content is the most important thing for everybody.

There should be 3 minimum maps in December not including the gears 4 maps there making us wait for so we have 14 maps. 3 maps every 3 months please

Exactly. First impressions are everything. That said, they know they will get most players at launch with a sharp decline regardless, so maybe it’s wise to save the best content for later to bring in new players or being back existing ones.

Abysmal lack of launch content?

I disagree.

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But, bro, look how many flags and bloodstains you can unlock. That’s C O N T E N T


Don’t forget the markers it is insane. You can use a different one every match. Now that is insane content and they bring new ones every week for just 100 iron!!!


Can I get a nickel every time somebody here repeats the term “drip feed”?

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Rod is completely braindead if he thinks he did a good job with just the two weapon skin sets at launch

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Yeah, here take another one for every time it’s true too.

Absolutely agree. Low amount of maps, not very good either imo, and new maps releasing in way too big of gaps.

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Yeah, watch it get good with more content once the $2 for 2 mo promo has expired and you’re all paying regular subscription. It’s in their best interest to DELAY content to KEEP you paying for GP/UGP. That’s why I uninstalled the game… aside from it being trash, I’m not gonna support this .