That went a little off

Hi. I just want to leave this here. I don’t want to trashtalk because I like Gears but TC should do something about this. (Was it a serverlag or something else…idk but i was dragging my hitbox behind me all along the match.)

Thats just the kill cam, its not reliable.

Hmmmm okey i will remember that🤔

GERARDFOB22 is a god

The killcam is what the server saw (i know what TC said) and sadly there are 3 things going on in Gears.

What you saw
What the server saw
What your opponent saw
The game seems to work on a mixture of all 3 and that’s why they’re are so many WTF! moments…


You really can’t rely on kill cams…like AT ALL

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Working as intended.


You missed