That Other Theron

Just a random thought. But, we know the Guard is D (and B?), the Sentinel is C. So, what the heck was A?
Was there ever a confirmed name for this guy? Is it just an alternate helmet for one of the previous two? Or what?

This was like the only picture I could find of it, btw. The original Gears 1 red version, at least.
Well, besides this figure shot. But yeah, I could’ve sworn there a lot more pictures on the web of this dude lol.

Same helmet as the Savage Theron, just “Theron Guard,” technically they’re all just “Theron Guard,” Gears 4 just changed the names for confusion’s sake.

I guess you could technically say “Vintage Theron,” “Or 06 Theron,” or “Original Theron,”—even “Not-Savage Savage Theron.”

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I swear I’ve seen someone call them Theron Captains before. Now, that person was definitely, 100% making that name up lmao, But I dunno, I think it kinda fits it.
Either that, or Theron Commander. Both those names sound pretty solid.

But yeah, Theron helmets have never been super consistent, have they lol? With the exception of the Sentinel.

Like the Savage Theron uses both the Guard & “Captain” helmet (I think the latter is the main one, though). Same with the Theron Elite. It used the Guard helmet (pre-release) before being changed to the Captain.
ALSO, in Gears UE, the standard Theron Guard was slightly modified from D to B.
But, then they scrapped that & now the Theron Elite uses the UE Guard helmet (B) and the regular red Guard uses the OG Guard helmet (D).

It’s just ALL over the place lmao.

The Theron helmets used to randomize in designs back on GoW1. So the Sentinels would sometimes have different looking patches to some degree. That’s just one of the more prominent ones that appear because of the close up.

I miss details like that.

Also Sentinels > Guards


B and D are both theron guards but i think b is the new version with a little different helmet C is theron sentinel and A is theron Elite

Ah, the NECA figure takes me back. Still got my entire NECA collection boxed. I used to populate and maintain the Gearspedia Gears of War figures page.

The 1st Theron is called the Theron commander he appears in gears 2 horde often

A and D are both Theron Guards and are given a random helmet out of the two. C is the Theron sentinel who commands Theron guards acting as a sergeant to them. B was TCs redesign of the Theron D helmet and also theron As helmet was redesigned as well being a bit slimmer. TC then made Theron Bs helmet go to the Theron elite and kept Theron Ds helmet just a guard helmet.
The Theron elite was originally going to have Theron Ds helmet back in gears 3 but this was switched to Theron As instead. TC wanted to go with the original concept with him and gave him Theron Bs new helmet for the redesign of the UE art style but with gow4 it seems they wanted to make Theron Bs helmet exclusive to the Theron elite. Theron Ds helmet exclusive to the Theron guard and Theron As helmet exclusive to the savage Theron and kept Theron Cs helmet an exclusive helmet to the Theron sentinel. Back in the original trilogy stories there wasn’t really a difference but since gears 1 -present gears multiplayer they usually stuck one helmet on a Theron and made it specific for that Theron. But yeah A and D are both used by Theron guards and sorry for the long explanation.

It’s also the same helmet the Elite Theron uses in RAAMs Shadow, however, his armor was almost all black