That one map tweak you hated, liked or really want but never got

Don’t ask why I noticed, but discrepancies in Icebound’s mini-thumbnail’s banner/apparent earlier map version (blown up here for comparison to the loading splash screen) got me thinking about the top-of-tower-slide cover removed from PvP but still present in PvE, as well as any other changes I remember.

There’s Reclaimed’s “Manor” hill gates that are present depending on specific PvP mode or for Horde, and the 1-way ramps/completely open gaps to the central crater in Vasgar… I think I’d actually prefer if we had the ramps in Horde, as they might make variety Fabricator setups near the side taps more consistently feasible.

What changes that were made in the past or that depend on game mode did you really think were an improvement or a downgrade for a map? What hasn’t changed but you really want to see?

My own wishlist would include: in Bunker, could we please get a smidgeon of a roof at the back, or just 2 tall posts, or anything inside the main part of the central bunker that can provide an iota of air protection for Horde bases there?

Or the obvious with Pahanu where someone needs to flood its wrinkles with Botox so you can actually put down barriers (I’ve asked for more verticality in maps, but I didn’t mean more pointless lumps).

But maybe ignoring that, the main Pahanu complaint I think everyone makes for PvP and PvE is size/distance… What if the swamp water portions were impassible, except a single land bridge to the center island from, say, the ruins? And/or what if vegetation also blocked most line-of-sight over the water? Would game play solely in the two large outer rings be better or worse than today? Can that map ever be saved, or is nuking it from orbit might be the only way to be sure?

My examples here have been architecture, but for PvPers I’ve seen strong opinions on weapon placements/timers, or perhaps the combination of how they work together, like SH00BiE D00’s “Good maps bad initials” topic.

Same goes for Escape. What if you were actually given starting weapons on The Surge hive?

Pahanu only deserves Exterminatus.

And I think Vasgar actually had those ramps in all modes previously. Bunker, 100% give some more overhead protection if anyone decides to set up in spawn(or in the middle).

Reclaimed, honestly, I just want the topside tap spawn gone. It is a horrid location and basically never fun to play in. Or at the very least for more cover options to be provided in Horde up there.

Pahanu is better than like half the other PvP maps in control.

Played Bunker yesterday, of the HToS (holy trinity of shiite) of unique Gears 5 maps it is second only to the Dagobah system in maps that should never, never return!

I now see I apparently left my proofreading skills on LV-426, and not playing Warhammer I had to look up the origin of Exterminatus, but FWIW I’m not of the camp that you need to throw maps out altogether.

I don’t have any fundamental issue with variety/larger/open maps, Hivebusters tie-ins, or the setting of ruins and a jungle/non-Bullet Marsh swamp. I just think today’s Pahanu has serious flaws for Horde. Possibly fatal flaws, but I’d also be willing to see if maybe what I proposed or new ideas could save the bulk of the map.

(And I liked it & environmental hazards, but cue incoming splash damage hate for Bullet Marsh in 3… 2… 1…)

I assume because the longer time to reach a hill is an asset to gameplay? At the risk of “poking the bear” regarding Lancering, :slight_smile: I would’ve imagined the map’s crossing-favoring openness would’ve outweighed that benefit. Clearly “better than half” wasn’t meant to be a ringing endorsement, but still, you’re seeing some surprising value in it somewhere.

I’m curious about your third? Vasgar? Regency? (I’m guessing the large, open maps.) Those unprotected ones might be there for me, but personally on most days I think I’d say Lift is probably in my top 3 “most frequently unenjoyable” even though obviously it’s not new to Gears 5. (And BTW, whatever happened to its namesake? Now there’s a map change I didn’t like…)

Maybe if Lift’s entire sunken middle section had a roof, not just the control room (perhaps lock the shutters open permanently to compensate) for that whole “Horde air cover” thing. Or perhaps from the otherwise useless raised nook at the top of the map there was a walkway that went underneath the entire platform to maybe the submarine dock or something. I dunno.

It’s not like you get lancered more on Pahanu than on district, training grounds, or checkout and most people love those maps.