That Carry Though

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That’s why i don’t play ranked anymore

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lol nice. At least you had one good teammate though. I think this is the first time I have got more than 25k points.

Always difficult to win KOTH like that.

20k is my most.
For now :wink: i hope

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Flex thread?



Why the random muted players? Lol

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Lol when I’m dead I just click on stuff


Oh same here. I’m always pressing random buttons


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Nice, you play with GoldGlove right? I think I have seen you on his twitch before, he’s a funny dude lol.

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Nice. I’ve had several games these past few days of over 120 elims and 45 downs and still lose.

Now this is an example of bragging.

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More like bad matchmaking,

It can be fun to MVP by a significant margin sometimes, but after a certain point and frequency, it gets old fast. I’m getting tired of getting placed with players greener than grass when I’m clearly playing on a Diamond/Master level.

I don’t like TC’s approach to ranked. The system knows your actual skill ranking and any changes it goes through over time almost immediately, yet we’re forced to grind lower rankings because a portion of the player base will not play as much ranked otherwise.

I don’t want to play more than a few ranked matches a week. It’s not fair to me or my opponents that TC feels the need to keep me in Silver, Gold, and Onyx any longer than absolutely necessary.

Dang that’s crazy you are not masters? I was stuck at silver 3 forever but two days ago I hit gold 1 and then I went from gold 1 to masters in like 10 games. It’s resetting anyway so I guess it doesn’t matter.

Nice ping

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Lol I’m not going to lie, it’s a huge advantage. The difference between 20 and 50 ping in close range battles is huge. 20 feels like GoW2 host days.