Thanksgibbing medals not tracking

This is pissing me off. I literally did nothin but play this dumb crap for it not to work. How long we have to finish this event. Maybe theyll fix the damn thing before its over???

I have not played this at all and have fulfilled all medals

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Worked for me…glad it’s done too…although it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Yeah, that sucks a lot. TC is all about grinding now. Same with the class levels. Same with the multiplayer kills. They have no clue what to do for achievements.

Will this event remain until next Tuesday?

The game mode is boring on every map cept River

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Played the event for ages yesterday and nearly all the Versus Event Medals done, didn’t notice the Thanksgibbing tab, or may not have been there yet.

Played again but it wasn’t counting progress last night, however today it is, didn’t take that long to get the Thanksgibbing ones fortunately.

I also now realise why I kept coming across some players trying to chainsaw me in it, lol!

Not so great was how often I wanted to burst out a chorus of “Don’t stand, don’t stand, don’t stand so close to me” to teammates (it’s a song, google it)! If they’re standing up out of cover then they’re sending a postcard to the enemy with our location but even if not and it’s a lucky shot from the enemy it’ll take us both out, not good for TDM/Guardian/Dodgeball, am I right?

Or when you aimed over cover but apparently not and blow yourself up on what seem like an imaginary wall or when facing an elevation (stairs usually), I presume this to be that the chickens weight more than Boomshots or something.

I grinded them out last night, but it took longer and was more frustrating than I had anticipated. It seemed like the first 5 to 10 matches I was teamed with deadweights. I couldn’t get anyone to even go positive or make up half of my score. I was playing well, about a 2:1 elim/deaths ratio, but it was all in vain as my team was offering themselves up as sacrificial lambs. I had a few matches come down to 3 v 1, 2 v 1, (in our favor) or 1 v 1 and all I could do was either hope they’d hide and wait the timer out so we’d get timeout win, or the draw to give me a crack at one more round, but no. Without fail, they ran out into the open and gifted the match away, like moths drawn to a flame. Finally, I just had to crack down and get really, really campy, like more campy than I’d ever been. I could’ve roasted marshmallows I was so campy. Not proud very proud of what I did, but it was a necessary evil to complete the wins medal.

Was there some medal or reward for getting chainsaw kills? I don’t recall. I got a few of them, but those were only when I ran out of ammo and had no other way to defend myself. Definitely wasn’t favoring using the chainsaw if I didn’t have to.

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I giggled :laughing:

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Its because they ran out of boomshot shots

There’s a medal in the Versus Event group for getting 10 Executions during Versus Event matches, normally if you’re out of ammo you look for the nearest pickup that’s not on a cooldown or failing that the nearest exploded teammate. Although sometimes you are left with no other choice than the lancer but then I use it to mark enemies for teammates to help them get a kill and grab the ammo, or wear down an ammo that got less than a faceful of Cluckshot, run over and finish them off but unless you’re confident of safety chainsawing will usually means you get gifted a Cluckshot express delivery from the enemy team.

There’s also another medal for 30 Headshots in Versus Events which somehow I have managed to get 4 even though I never got a Headshot with the Lancer, interesting.

Very good point on the camping, noticed pretty quickly the opposing team were doing that and winning so had to adopt the tactics, only so many times you can round a corner and get taken out from the sneaky enemy behind cover further away before you say “so it’s like that huh? Ok two can play that game” and yeah it does feel super campy but then this is a cover based shooter, shrug. Running around like a headless chicken (pardon the pun) will quickly make you Thanksgibbing dinner.
The teammates who got 1-10 are quite frustrating sadly, many matches I was top player or at least second and basically that’s normally a very bad sign for our team’s chances in Versus multiplayer, LOL.

Perfecting the art of the dodge and managing to avoid full fatal level of damage from a Cluckshot is the Neo move here, but I’m in awe of those who have memorised maps to such a degree they can launch a Cluckshot straight into the sky and it lands directly on me from above in a kind of stealth artillery strike, well… awe and frustration lol.

Many a humorous moment of roady running round a corner and meeting headfirst into an enemy also roady running towards you and firing off a Cluckshot, taking both of you out in a trade.

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Executions for versus events ? Also not much you can do when you are out of ammo and now cluckshot in range.
Hide for up to 90s or go KAMIKAZE!

I managed to get a few people blow up themselves that way , I only care about round wins now, there is better events for Eliminations so every death of them helps my team :shrug:

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Ahh yes, just recently noticed that one. Only got 3 or 4 in this event though. I think another event should be easier to finish it, no?

edit: went ahead and just did the medal in this event. Was funny as hell hiding and surprising people jumping out from cover or behind corners with chainsaw. Didn’t get many kills on those rounds but was worth it just imagining those guys’ expressions, lol.

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